Woman of the Most High God “Have you made your reservation for heaven?,

Time is running out. Jesus may come today. Look around you. Things are getting worse instead of better period look at our government, it’s a big mess. None of them can get along. They’re supposed to be for the people, by the people and of the people. They are supposed to be about protecting us. We have been completely left out of the picture. 

The world is dark. Where is the light? Jesus tells us as Christians we are the light of the world, but a city hid on a hill cannot give light. We are supposed to let our light shine. The light of Christ. If there was ever a time we need to let our light shine, it’s now. The world is in darkness. Bad things happening in our country like drug overdoses, killings, drug dealers all around the city. 

People’s lives are so messed up by drugs. Homes broken up by drugs, mothers and fathers aren’t around for their children, drugs on every hand, alcohol breaking up homes. These are the things done by the devil’s hand. We have enough darkness around; we need to let our light shine.

We have the answers for these problems. It’s Jesus. It’s up to us to shine the light. The song we used to sing his children says, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,” not hide it under a bushel. Shine it all over Grafton. 

People need the Lord. As Christians, we have the answer. Let’s give then the answer so that they can make their reservation to go to heaven. Let us go out in the highways and byways and compel them to come in. 

The church has failed to do what Christ has called her to do. We will be held accountable. Their blood will be on our hands. Preachers afraid to preach about hell, everybody is not going to heaven, only the blood washed. We can’t live like the world and expect to make it to heaven. No man can serve two masters. 

Church, wake up; preachers, wake up! We have a responsibility to let our light shine. It’s an honor to preach God’s word. Darkness is all around, let’s shine the light of Christ all around. Today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow may never come. Let us work while it is yet day, for no man shall work at night. Night comes quickly. Let’s do what Christ has called us to do. 

Yours in Christ Jesus, 

Rev. Teresa Reed


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