Woman of the Most High God: Has God ever failed you?

The answer to the question is no, and he never will. He has promised he will never leave nor forsake. I can tell you from experience, God has never failed me. Yes, I’ve been through trials and tribulations, but he has always been with me.

Sometimes the road gets hard and sometimes rough, but he is there and will always be. I failed him more than once. He has never, no never, even failed me. 

Are you holding bitterness or hard feelings against God? Maybe you’ve had a loved one die and you don’t understand and you are blaming God and you quit serving him. Maybe you used to go to church, take your children to church, but no more. We must remember we are born to die as soon as we come into this world. Baseball players young people die, but we can’t understand why God took them home.

I don’t have the answers for you, only that God knows best. That child went to heaven if they haven’t reached the age of accountability. But are you willing to miss that reunion again? Jesus makes it rain on the just and the unjust. After God has been so good to us, why do we blame God? Jesus does nothing but good for us. You’ll not find anyone in any greater to call your friend.

The devil once should have blamed God, and he tells you that he doesn’t love you and that he really doesn’t care about you. But the devil is a liar, and he is the one who doesn’t care about you. He wants you to miss heaven and continue to blame God for the bad things that happen in your life.

Look at the story of Job in the Bible. All the things job went through. He lost everything, his family, his wealth, yet he never blamed God. If that would have been us, it might have ended with a different ending. But Job knew who God was and that the end of Job’s story, God restored more back to Job than he had in the first place.

God is no respecter of persons. What he did for Job, he will do it for you. It is no secret what God can do. God has good things in store for those that love him. No, my friend, God has never failed you, and he never will. Bitterness will destroy you. Tell Jesus all about it. He will help you and give you peace. You will never be happy and enjoy your life if you continue to carry this load. Put your trust in him. People will fail you, but Jesus won’t.

 Yours and Christ Jesus,

 Rev. Teresa Reid


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