Woman of A New Season: On the inside looking out!

Psalm 51:10: Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.
Remember that old saying, “If you don’t behave, you’ll be on the outside looking in?”  Well, it appears we are on the “Inside looking out.” This lockdown is getting to us.  Some have cleaned their homes for spring, some have improved their cooking skills. But, all of us should be taking a good look not at what’s inside our home, but rather what’s inside of us. That’s where we should begin to clean.  An old chorus we used to sing went like this: “Jesus on the inside, working on the outside, oh what a change in my life.” During this isolated time, I’ve felt like I needed to look inside myself and ask God to help me clear out the ugly things within me.
Here are a few things that we might need to clear out of the attics or even the living rooms of our hearts:  If you consider yourself a Christian, should you use swear words? It is neither godly nor ladylike.  Look inside and be honest. How about making fun of someone for how they talk, dress, wear their hair or their size? You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you. I see these things on Facebook all the time.  I also hear disparaging remarks about others when I’m in certain groups. And I mean, “Christian” groups. I’ve told you before about my group of friends, we call ourselves the “Core Group.”  There are nine of us and we do not do these things. These are part of our core beliefs. We have decided to have Christ at our core and build our friendships around His teachings. If you think we are a bunch of “holier than thou” ladies, you’d be wrong.  We are in age 20’s to 80’s. I’ve learned over the years that when you are a Christian you can be friends with individuals of any age. When Christ is your central and common thread.
Look inside for bitterness. Your kid’s spouse cheated on them and left them for someone else. You can be bitter and rot from the inside out, or you can pray, pray, pray, until you forgive them, and your heart will become light again. Holding a grudge works the same way.  It causes you to become someone you truly don’t want to be. Work hard at forgiving those who have hurt you.  Speak no harm toward them or about them. But here’s something that helps, you don’t have to hang out with them. If it’s toxic, you don’t need it.
There are many other things we need to work on within ourselves, myself included, I’m not immune, but the bottom line is this; try hard to listen to the Lord as well as speak to Him, when you pray.  When He shows you something displeasing to Him, stop it. Ask for His help. He will surprise you. Because this looking on the inside is very pleasing to Him.
So tonight, read Psalm 91 before bed, plead the blood over your family, and then ask God to shine His search light, Holy Spirit, on your inward man and show you where to make an adjustment, and He will.  Until next time!
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