Woman of a Most High God: Why do we put limits on God?

We must realize that God can do anything but fail. He is not limited to what he can do. In Jesus Christ we have everything we need to live the Christian life. There is no one that he doesn’t desire to serve. No matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been, Jesus wants you to be saved. He is not willing that anyone perish by all come to repentance.
Some church people may look down on you, but Christ won’t. Jesus loves you. Believe me when I came to Jesus, I truly needed a savior. I was lost and undone, but he took all my sins away. He gave me a life that is worth living. I had habits I couldn’t break on my own. But Jesus broke every chain that held me down.
You might think that Jesus doesn’t love you, but my friend, that is not true. He died for you. He is calling out to you today. Just come as you are. You might ask why this preacher writes articles in the paper on Wednesdays. That’s because I am concerned about your soul. I don’t want you to miss out on heaven. Jesus loves you and so do I. You might not know me, but God loves you and I’ve been sent to warn you about hell. He knows you and everything about you.
The bible tells us about heaven and hell. Those places are real. You might ask me how I know. Because I know that God is real, and I know that he is alive. It’s because he lives in my heart. He has changed my life. God can do anything you ask him to do. He created heaven and earth. Everything that was made was made by God. He is a God of mercy and a God of grace. But, he is also a god of wrath.
Why do you put limits on God? He is a friend we can trust with our lives. Nothing is too hard for my God. He’s my helper, my healer, my best friend and my provider. Everything I need is mine through Jesus Christ. We must believe all things are possible through Jesus Christ. Jesus can save even the wildest sinner. He saved me!
He will turn no one away, come as you are. He’s calling you today, just take him at his word. He will lead and guide your paths. Take your limits off of God and see what he will do for you. You will see a change in your life, if only you trust him with all your heart. Give him a try today. Let him prove to you who he is really is. Let Jesus Christ change your life, just as he did mine. Come to him today.
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Teresa Reid


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