With one of the youngest rosters in the league, Indavers continue to find struggles in securing wins

GRAFTON— The Base Invader programs of 12U and 16U are finding it difficult to secure any wins, but they understand that they are fielding extremely young teams and are looking toward the future when the teams can gather enough experience to compete on a higher level.      

The 12U would travel to Elkins this week for regular season play. 

The 12 U Base Invaders would rally to come withing striking distance this week as they battled Elkins. They would eventually suffer a loss albeit with more confidence now in tow. 

The 12U Base Invaders would field four different pitchers durning the game. Newcomer P.J. McGinnis caught all four innings gaining a ton of experience.

 Bella Asebes had an unassisted double play while manning third base. She fielded a line drive that pulled the runner off the base and made the tag for the third out of the inning. The bats of the 12U Base Invaders were in full swing also as they were able to put up a total of ten runs against a tough Elkins squad but would eventually fall short with the Elkins crew rally in the late innings to take the game with a final score of 20-10. 

“Traveling to Elkins and playing them this good on their home field is a tall order. P.J. McGinnis did a fantastic job catching and Bella Asebes has really improved so much, she is a first-year player who has really learned the game and is excelling. She is trying some pitching and always willing to do anything asked of her with a smile. I cannot say enough about the heart of all the girls, they give 110percent  for each and every game,” stated coach Jay Taylor. 

The 16U Base Invaders would visit Bridgeport this week with the hopes of breaking their losing streak, but would not be successful. As has been the case this year since the start of the rec-ball league the 16U Base Invaders have had a hard time at the plate. 

Fielding one of the youngest teams in the region is a struggle but perseverance is the motto for this season. The Bridgeport team would end this game early with a final score of 14-1. 

“We probably have one of the youngest teams in league. Most of our girls are in the 13- to 14-year-old range and they are playing mostly 16-year old’s. Those two additional years really make a difference in play, and couple that with the fact that most of these girls are first- or second-year players and we get the results we have been getting this year. But there are some bright spots, for example Jeri Wolford had her first experience on the mound and did an impressive job striking out 3 batters and walking one and also hitting a sacrifice fly to bring in an RBI our only run of the night. She has been consistent all year with her hitting. One thing I know for sure is buy the time the girls are truly in the 16U bracket with their age they will be a force to be reckoned with. We are putting in the hard work now and we know the dividends will pay out later. I’m excited to see where we go,” coach Chase Setler voiced. 

Both the 12U team and the 16U will be at home this week as they will face Bridgeport. 


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