Westfall, Willis to serve as leaders for Grafton City Council

GRAFTON—After being guided by Mayor Peggy Knotts Barney for the past four years, Grafton will usher in a new mayor, who is excited to see what the future holds.
During a special Grafton City Council Meeting, held on Thursday morning, Barney opened nominations for the coveted position. Sheila Westfall nominated Councilwoman Karen Willis and newly sworn in Councilman Phil McDaniel nominated Westfall.
After accepting the nomination, the council members were asked to cast their ballots for the position, and after tallying the votes, Westfall was named to the position of Mayor for the City of Grafton.
She said that she was surprised at both the nomination and the election into the position.
“I am really surprised, but very honored. I am excited to step into this new role to continue the great work that is being done in Grafton,” expressed Westfall.
Barney shared that it was her belief that Westfall would do a wonderful job for the residents of the city.
“I wish the new mayor good luck in her position, and I know that she will continue to build on the progress that the community has already seen,” she commented.
Barney expressed that she has thoroughly enjoyed her two terms as mayor, serving the residents of the city for four years.
“I have really appreciated the opportunity that I have had to serve the city as mayor. I have really enjoyed my time on council and am looking forward to my two remaining years here,” said Barney. “I am very positive of my feelings for Grafton and the progress we are making and will continue to make.”
She said that while she will no longer be serving in the position, she will be nearby to help Westfall in whatever manner she needs, saying that the end goal is the prosperity of the community.
During the meeting, Karen Willis received the only nomination and appointment to the position of vice mayor, a job that she says she will not take lightly.
“I am very honored at being vice mayor,” expressed Willis. “I hope to support the town. I love Grafton, and I love the community. I hope to be a strong assistance in help as we navigate through the changes of COVID.”
She said that while the virus has thrown the community for a curve, she knows that in true Grafton fashion, things will get better.
“We will endure. We will overcome it and we will come out even better,” Willis voiced.
In another matter of business, the two newly elected council members took their oaths of office on Tuesday morning, to begin their terms.
Councilman Earl Bartlett returned to a position on the governing body after taking a brief hiatus, serving in the at-large seat.
Councilman Phil McDaniel took his oath to support the Constitution of the United States, as well as the state of West Virginia, while serving the residents of the community to the best of his ability as a member of the Grafton City Council. He will be serving the in Ward I position.
“Together, the Grafton City Council will continue working diligently for the residents of the City of Grafton,” Barney voiced. “You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work!”


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