WCLG is taking over the airways

MORGANTOWN—For more than twenty years, WCLG has been sending out the sweet sounds of rock music over the airways to the residents in Taylor County and the surrounding areas on FM 100.1. Recently, the radio station has made moves to extend their listening audience.

According to Ric DeRubeis, Director of Corporate Programming, AJG Radio Corporation has announced that they will be simulcasting on a second radio frequency, 102.3 FM, which is based out of Weston.

“AJG Radio Corporation began in 1953, and in our 75 years, this is probably the biggest information we have ever had to share with our listeners,” expressed DeRubeis.

He said that it was important for them to let listeners know that when they tune into 102.3, they would be hearing new music.

“This is the first expansion for WCLG, and we are happy to be able to reach more listeners than ever before,” DeRubeis shared.

With the acquisition of the new station, WCLG will be able to nearly double its footprint in the state, as well as in several counties in Western Pennsylvania and Maryland.

WCLG is a live and locally programmed radio station, predominately staffed by West Virginians, based out of Morgantown, WV. Considered a “new rock” station, WCLG has been serving listeners since 1993, and has no plans to change its format.

“We are committed to delivering the best product possible to our current listeners and new ones that will be reached with the expansion,” revealed DeRubeis. “We will also be providing expanded news and sports coverage in regard to the new listening area.”

WCLG is anchored by the “It’s Better Than Your Morning Show” show, featuring market veterans Alex O’Neal, Dave McClung and Big Ric DeRubeis, the program’s director.

In 2017, the trio was named “Best Morning Show” by the West Virginia Broadcasters Association.

“We are very pleased to serve North Central West Virginia and proud to be a growing West Virginia business,” DeRubeis commented.