Warm, sunny day lends perfect time to promote healthier lifestyles at WTES

FLEMINGTON—West Taylor Elementary School held its second annual Rainbow Run at the school on Friday.

The run was originally planned for Wednesday April 11, but due to the unpredictable weather and an opportunity to hold this event on a nice sunny day, the event was rescheduled for Friday, April 13.

Rainbow Run Coordinator Nat Clemm shared that she saw the weather forecast and knew that Friday would be a perfect day to hold the event.

The Rainbow Run is a school-wide event in which all students participate. Participants are able to get pledges from friends and family and run or walk laps, then collect money.

Clemm shared that the main goal of the event was to help students understand the importance of exercise.

“We started this event last year and the students really seemed to enjoy participating. I think it is a great way to help promote a healthy lifestyle while having fun,” said Clemm.

Before the run started, Clem taught students the proper ways to warm up and stretch and went over the rules with the students.

After stretching the students lined up at the starting line and took off. Students ran through the colorful 7-lap course. Throughout the run, parent volunteers were on the course to assist students and help motivate them along the way.

At the end of the course, students received a rainbow stamp and were able to run/walk as many laps as they wanted.

After the students were done with run they received a medal, healthy snacks, water and were able to go to pavilion to cool down. 

Clemm shared that sponsors were able to pledge per-lap or donate a set amount. The parent teacher organization has set a goal to raise $2,000 for the event and encourages parents to help them achieve the goal.

After the run, each child received an envelope with their name on it and how many laps they completed. Pledges are due by April 30, and the class with the highest total pledge will receive a special party.

According to Clemm, the funds raised from the run will help fund field trips, scholastic materials, school improvements, family events and help the school provide school t-shirts for every child to wear during spirit days and other school functions.

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