Volunteer today to be a part of the Taylor County 4-H Summer Camp

GRAFTON— Although summer is still months away, and can be hard to think about, with the blistery cold weather the area is experiencing, the Taylor County 4-H Camp Program is getting a head start on recruiting adult volunteers for their summer camp event.

The camp program will be held on the week of June 25-29. The program is seeking a diverse group of volunteers, who can bring a variety of skills, talents and abilities to the table. This will assist in the event running smoothly, and to make the week more memorable for the camp goers.

“A volunteer can be someone who spent every summer at camp since they were a child, while others may be stepping foot onto camp for the first time,” said West Virginia University Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development of Taylor County, Jennifer Murray

According to Murray, the camp is in need of approximately 35 adults to help in one capacity or another. The camp is required to have at least ten volunteers present at the camp at all times.

Volunteers may choose to spend the entire week at camp or to only help out at specific times. Any individual wishing to be a part-time volunteer may join the camp in the mornings to teach a camp class, or arrive in the afternoon to help with various activities, such as leading a camp assembly, set up camp and assist in clean up. Part-time volunteers are also given the option to stay in a cabin for the night.

Murray shared that overnight the camp is in need of at least ten women, and eight men to stay in the cabins. Each cabin accommodates 12-14 youths, and requires a minimum of two adults per cabin. Campers are placed in cabins based on gender and age.

The camp consists of four full days of morning classes, which are held Monday- Thursday. Volunteers can also sign up to be a class instructor to share some of their talents with campers.

Some of the classes that were offered in previous years included: sewing, canoeing, basket weaving, hiking, fishing, community service, drumming and food classes.

Murray urges interested adults to contact her as soon as possible. “Youth protection policies require that anyone chaperoning or staying overnight at a 4-H event must go through the 4-H volunteer application process, which includes a background check, and can take awhile to complete, so we want to get started early,” added Murray.

Jennifer Murray can be contacted at 304-265-3303 or [email protected].

“It takes a village to raise a child, so imagine what it takes to be responsible for around 85 children for a week of summer camp! We really appreciate anyone who is willing to volunteer,” concluded Murray.

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