Velocity named Taylor County Youth Softball League Champions

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Taylor County Youth Softball League came to a close last week as Coach Joe Mauller’s “Velocity” squad took the crown over Coach Amy Veltri’s “Aftershock.”

“The season went really well, minus the week it rained every day,” stated Velocity head coach Joe Mauller. “There are only enough girls in the league right now to have two teams so you essentially play the same game over and over, but the focus is mainly on having fun, getting the girls involved and preparing them for middle school softball.”

Leading the way at the plate for Velocity was Chelsea Mauller with 17 hits in 18 plate appearances, Serenity Cox with 16 hits in 17 plate appearances, and Maddie Fryer with 17 hits in 20 plate appearances.

Savanna Wyckoff also had eight hits in eight at-bats with two of those being homeruns. Mauller also led the team in RBI’s with 16 and had a homerun as well.

The team recorded an amazing .663 batting average overall by going 108 for 163 at the plate.

“Every girl on both teams improved throughout the season and at the end of it all, that’s the best outcome you can have,” added Mauller. “We just want them to keep coming back, getting better and hopefully expanding to more teams.”

There are currently just the two teams in the Taylor County Youth League but the coaches are always looking for more girls to sign up for future seasons. The league is open to girls ages 7-13 and games are played at either Flemington Elementary or West Taylor Elementary.

Interested parties may contact the coach from either team or League Director Mark Moats for more information.


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