Upgrade will help inform GHS students

PRUNTYTOWN—Grafton High School is set to receive a new addition to help keep parents and students informed.

At Tuesday’s Taylor County Board of Education meeting Grafton High School Principal Lori Shumaker asked to approach the board with an update about the school.

“I wanted to thank the board about carry-over funds this past school year,” expressed Shumaker.

She reported that the school bought televisions to help with communication with the students. The televisions are used to publicize what the school was doing and to celebrate the student’s accomplishments.

“We are able to advertise everything from things at the tech center, athletics and academics so the kids can see it, not just hear it on the PA system,” she added.

In addition, this week, a new sign will be installed at the school. The sign will help communicate with the community, advertising special events and announcements.

According to Shumaker, the sign will be at the interaction of Sam Bord Drive and Yates Ave.

She disclosed the funds were also used for the Retired Teacher Program.

In addition, in the last week of June, Shumaker and her leadership team traveled to Atlanta Georgia for a conference.

“In my 20 years of education I have not had that experience. What we brought back from Atlanta will benefit the students at Grafton High School and hopefully the county,” she concluded.