Updates concerning Carr China property discussed by Save the Tygart

TAYLOR COUNTY—Last week, members from Save the Tygart Watershed Association shared an update about the former Carr China plant and the upcoming plans for the site.

On Friday, the Taylor County Commission, Mayor Peggy Knotts Barney and community members were present to hear the update from the members of Save the Tygart .

During the meeting the attendees were updated on how the Clean Up Grant was coming and were also shown the plans for the site once it’s completed.

In January of 2019, the Save the Tygart Watershed Association acquired a 7.39-acre parcel of land in the Parkview area of Taylor County.

The property located on the site of the former Carr China plant was donated to the organization by the Taylor County Commission because soils from the site held residual pollutants, such as lead, from manufacturing processes used at the plant years ago.

The property had previously been the site of efforts by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to remove lead-contaminated soils. However, residual contamination remained, and the site was designated as a Brownfield.

“In the coming years, the project will need much support from organizations and individuals in the community to make this project a success,” shared member Bryan Smith.

Some of the proposed features include native vegetation, wet land, wooden river dock, new Save the Tygart and Adventure Club offices, event hall, picnic pavilion, playground, recreational lawn and more.

Grant Writer and Education Outreach Kelly Flaherty was also present to share updates on the progress being made at the site.

During the ceremony, the attendees discussed the future plans for the sight and how much progress has been made.

Smith shared that they plan to have the project completed within three years.

At the end of the update the commissioners and mayor thanked the organization for all of their hard work restoring the Tygart and bringing it back to life.

“You have made a huge impact out here. The river looks amazing. The water is so clear and beautiful, and it is really great to see,” expressed Commissioner Sam Gerkin.

“We are so happy with everything you all are doing for our community,” voiced Barney. “Together we can do great things!”

The Save the Tygart Watershed Association meets monthly on the third Monday at 7:00 p.m., at 105 Beech Street.

For more information about the plans for the site visit www.savethetygart.org.


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