United for Kids helping students gear up for school

TAYLOR COUNTY— The United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties(UWMTC)  Emerging Leaders program is looking to the community for assistance in stocking up on supplies for their school pantries. 

The United for Kids collection is designed to help ensure that the young people in Marion and Taylor Counties have what they need to face their day with dignity.

Studies show that when a child is able to access personal hygiene items and have new, clean clothing, they feel better about themselves, meaning less self-esteem issues and more room for them to thrive both socially and educationally.

Unfortunately, not all children, teens or even young adults have access to necessary personal or hygiene items at home; that’s where the UWMTC Emerging Leaders come in, with the support of their caring community members.

United for Kids is inviting members of Marion and Taylor Counties to help out their students and be a part of the solution.

The collection kicked off on June 29, and was originally slated to wrap up on August 9. However, with higher demands, and several items still being needed, the donation deadline has been extended to August 21. And there are several collection sites, and a couple options that can be utilized for making a donation.

There are three collection locations in Marion County; those are located at Rider Pharmacy, Applebees and Mario’s. Locally, in Taylor County, Walmart and Espresso Yourself Coffee House are serving as collection sites.

According to Co-Chair Joe Solberg, items needed the most consist of: gloves, winter hats, shorts, underwear, sweatpants, t-shirts, socks and flip flops of various sizes.

However, he noted that donations of travel shampoo and soaps, snacks, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, sunscreen, chapstick, floss, hand sanitizer, band-aids, feminine hygiene products and travel tissues are all welcomed donations, as well.

If individuals are interested in donating any of the aforementioned items but prefer to do so remotely, orders can be placed directly from Amazon, by visiting, go.uwmtc.org/kids.

Donations made in this fashion will be shipped straight to the United Way.

For additional information, or to join the UWMTC Emerging Leaders log on to,  https://www.unitedwaymtc.org/  today and become a part of a diverse group of individuals coming together for the betterment of their communities.


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