Tygart Valley United Way hopes to chart a new course for community

Annual fundraiser campaign underway and you can help!

TAYLOR COUNTY—After navigating through the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Tygart Valley United Way, formerly the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties, is setting their sights on the future and charting a new course.

“Our communities are still recovering and rebuilding from the pandemic, which is why it is more important than ever to work together,” said Tygart Valley United Way Chief Executive Officer Brett White. “By coming together as a region, we’re able to increase capacity, improve efficiency and build back even better.”

To help ensure that the organization can continue to create positive change within the communities it serves, they have announced their 2021-2022 Campaign, Charting a New Course, which boasts a goal of raising $620,000. 

Funds collected during the initiative will help provide support to 46 programs throughout 39 health and human service agencies across the organizations five counties.

“These programs work day and night to create better and stronger communities, but they need support,” voiced 2021-2022 campaign co-chair Blair Nuzum-Wise. “If you’ve given to our campaign in the past, we hope you’ll continue to support the good work being done. If you’re new to our cause, we hope you’ll join us. Every dollar raised is important, and no gift is too big or too small.”

She reassures participants that every dollar collected will be used locally to help aid residents in Taylor, Marion, Barbour, Randolph and Tucker counties.

“We are no longer a traditional fundraiser. The new United Way is about rolling up our sleeves, getting involved in all aspects of our communities and being a game changer,” expressed co-chair Rosemary Thomas. “So, as we navigate these new waters, we truly are charting a new course together.”

And while this year’s goal is bigger than ever before, White shared he believes residents will make it happen.

“Last year, as the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties, we were able to raise more than $520,000, and Randolph County’s organization earned nearly $110,000,” he explained. “Factoring in the residents in Barbour and Tucker counties, we are sure we’ll get to $620,000.”

Raising funds during a trying time for many residents can sometimes be difficult, but with all the various programs that the United Way offers, it is a worthy cause.

And because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the organization is forced once again to change how they will work to collect money for the annual campaign. 

“This year, we are going to cancel most of our in-person events,” White said. “We believe that’s the responsible and right thing to do. We see ourselves as a leader in the community, so we hope that other organizations will continue to think about limiting in-person events.”

While in-person events will be limited, they will host some drive-through events and are happy to announce that their annual Dancing with the Stars affair will still be held.

“We are really excited to be able to hold Dancing with the Stars again. This is a huge event for the campaign,” White voiced. “Participants are already hard at work, and we have a lot of sponsors who have already participated in some capacity.”

In addition, this year, businesses and organizations were afforded a special way to help chip in.

Small businesses, major corporations and nonprofits, were asked to join the hundreds of local businesses and organizations that run workplace campaigns each year.

Through these initiatives, the United Way provides the tools for employees to give in regular increments, via payroll deduction, through an easy-to-use system or through paper pledging.

Individuals wishing to make donations to help the Tygart Valley United Way chart a new course for the communities they serve may do so by visiting www.tvunitedway.org.



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