Tygart Lake State Park undergoes updates and remodels

TYGART LAKE—New improvements are taking place at Tygart Lake State Park that will help make the stay of visitors more comfortable, and those improvements were the center of discussion at the Tuesday, March 23 meeting of the Tygart Lake State Park Foundation.

Last October, Governor Jim Justice paid a visit to the serene setting at Tygart Lake Lodge, to announce continued improvements to Tygart Lake State Park, in an effort to not only help draw tourists to the area but to increase their overall experience at one of Taylor County’s hidden wonders. 

During that meeting, Justice announced that more than $2.8 million dollars would be funneled into projects for the park. 

These proposed projects represent the latest phase of improvement work at the park, which has a total of $6 million-worth of enhancement projects either already completed, currently underway, or set to begin in the near future.

“If you just look around at places like this and think about all the beauty we have in West Virginia and all the great people we have, you realize we have an incredible opportunity we have here,” Justice expressed. “All we have to do is invest the dollars and tell our story.”

The first area that was address at Tygart Lake State Park was the marina, where nearly $2.3 million was invested to construct new boat ramps and add additional parking.

Additional work has begun at the park to add even more parking spaces for those wishing to enjoy a day on the lake.

New angled parking spots will be added at Tygart Lake Marina that will be available for vehicles only, as well as a new overflow parking lot situated above the marina near the existing bathhouse. In total, approximately 100 spots will be added to the area to better serve guests to the lake.

In phase two, the campgrounds and cabins were the focus of improvements. With the addition of air conditioning, updated cabins and the add-on of courtesy docks for each cabin, that phase was completed.

The state park houses 11 cabins that provide the perfect place for families to get away and stay, affording them breathtaking views and a quick trip to the lake. Park officials are hopeful that the cabins will be reopened April 1, for the upcoming season.

Following their meeting, members of the foundation as well as guests, were provided an opportunity to tour the newly renovated spaces, which are sure to be a draw to tourists.

After a discussion about the cabins, attention was focused to work that would be occurring during phase three of the project, where approximately $2.5 million dollars will be spent to upgrade and update the lodge and the dining facility it houses.

During this renovation, the lodge’s guest rooms will be remodeled with an updated look, and will be outfitted with new air conditioner units, decks and sliding glass doors, to provide patrons with another way to take in the scenic surroundings of the state park.

This will occur in two phases, with half of the rooms being closed down for renovations first. Once those rooms are finished, the second half of the rooms will be closed down for their remodel.

In addition, new carpeting will be put down in each guest room, as well as in the lodge’s lobby and dining room. The lobby and dining area will also be outfitted with rooftop air conditioning units, to help keep guests cooler on those hot summer days.

The park will also be outfitted with a new wastewater facility, during phase three of the renovation project. Once serviced by two older facilities, they will now be combined into one bigger and better wastewater plant, and four lift stations and sewer lines will be added to help with flow.

The system is unlike any that West Virginia State Parks is currently utilizing, and will use UV light to disinfect the water, by destroying disease-causing organisms. 

Work has also been started by Ace Adventures for the installation of anchors and such for the newest attraction to Tygart Lake, a brand-new Inflatable Water Park. The park is set to open this season, welcoming guests from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Keep an eye on the Mountain Statesman for additional information about the park.

Efforts such as the ones underway at the park have led to a boost in tourism for not just the county, but the state as a whole. 

“Tourism is exploding because people from the outside world are beginning to realize that we’re the diamond in the rough that they missed,” Justice added. “They’re finally seeing it because of all the great work that’s being done at places like Tygart Lake State Park, and the really great part is that this is just the beginning. We’re going to keep going. We’ve got all kinds of great announcements coming around the bend and we’re just going to keep knocking it out of the park.”

These are just some of the updates that are occurring at Tygart Lake State Park. To find out more information on these projects or learn about other happenings, be sure to visit a Tygart Lake State Park Foundation meeting. 

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 27, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend, and safe social distancing will be maintained.




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