Tygart Lake Lodge excels at customer satisfaction

Lodge earns back-to-back hospitality awards

GRAFTON— The Tygart Lake State Park Lodge was recently a recipient of a Hospitality Award, for excelling in customer satisfaction, beating out eight other state parks, who also participate.

According to District Administrator, Paul Redford, this is the lodge’s second time in a row, receiving the award.  The Tygart Lake Lodge was presented the award for the third quarter in December, as well as the fourth quarter, which was awarded last week.

The entire staff of the Tygart Lake Lodge was invited to attend the award ceremony, which was held in the lobby at the lodge.  Redford along with, Director McDaniel, Parks Chief Sam England and Chief Park Naturalist Sis Summers, assisted with the presentation.

“We wanted as many staff members as possible to be there for us to present the award to them,” said Redford. “The staff after all, is a main factor in the lodge being awarded.”

During the award ceremony, the lodge was presented with a plaque, and each employee was presented with a lapel pin. A small reception followed the ceremony.

Redford shared that the recipient of the award is based solely off of comment cards that are filled out by customers, with four main areas of focus, which include satisfactory level regarding reservations, personnel assistance, the knowledge of the employees and the friendliness of the staff.

Frequent visitor Jerry Pentony, of Washington, commented on the excellent service he has received when staying at the lodge over the last ten years by saying, “I have stayed at TLSP in the lodge while on hunting trips. I have been welcomed, pampered and on a few occasions, assisted. I have traveled nation wide, and if there’s a better, more knowledgeable and friendly staff, I haven’t met them. I even get a Christmas card.”

Redford revealed that the lodge received a 93 percent satisfaction rating, which is a seven percent increase from the last quarter. 

“These employees have done a fine job and really came to the calling, treating each of their guests like gold, from what we have heard. The Tygart Lake Lodge was very deserving of this award,” he added.

Redford joked that Tygart plans to take the award again, however, some of the other parks are hoping to strip them of the award next quarter.

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