Two programs treated to Lady Mountaineer Basketball game

Alley Cats invited to hit the hardwood during halftime

MORGANTOWN—Two local ladies’ basketball teams were given an opportunity to strengthen their bonds with teammates while taking in an exciting game.

Head Coach of the Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) Lady Knights basketball team Bobby Beltner and director of The Alley Cats basketball program Andrew Moore took their players to experience women’s basketball on a larger scale.

Both teams traveled to Morgantown to watch the Lady Mountaineers take on Appalachian St. on Sunday, November 20, at the Coliseum.

“The entire experience was good for the girls,” voiced Beltner. “The bus rise as a team to the game and the experience are all memories these girls will have of playing basketball at TCMS.”

The day served as a way for the Lady Knights to come together and bond before the start of the season.

The girls would witness West Virginia University (WVU) defeat Appalachian St. 72-51. 

However, what made the day even more special for the local players in attendance was that the Alley Cats were invited to scrimmage for 10 minutes during halftime.

“It was a great opportunity for our girls to see a big-time collegiate program behind the scenes. These are the type of role models that I want our girls to look up to, and hopefully, it will inspire a few to continue to work hard,” expressed Moore. 

The Alley Cats is an all-girls basketball program consisting of third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders that drives to develop the fundamentals of the game in preparing players for future athletics and build leadership. 

“My goal is to give these girls great experiences that will hopefully be something they never forget,” Moore commented.

Moore would also mention fifth and sixth grade coaches Doug Kirkpatrick, Julie Dowdy, Jarrod Mlinarcik and Eric Smith as a big part of helping make the experience possible.

“It was a great day for our girls, and I hope to be able to create an opportunity to get the third and fourth graders a chance to participate in a similar experience,” Moore imparted.

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