Two outstanding GHS teams recognized by Board of Education

PRUNTYTOWN—During a recent board of education meeting, two Grafton High School teams were recognized for their achievements.

The first team to be recognized was the Future Farmers of America Food Science Team. 

Advisor Steve Tennant introduced the team and told the board that they competed in the Food Science and Technology Career Development Event.

Tennant revealed that student Trevor Swiger took charge and trained the team. Tennant gave them the resources and they went with it.

“I always tell Trevor he is a pusher. He pushes and motivates the team to do their best,” he expressed.

In June, the students competed in the Food Science and Technology Career Development Event (CDE).

It requires students to have an in-depth understanding of food product development, food presentation and food safety issues. Participants also use their sensory skills to solve problems and make sound decisions.

Swiger told the board that students in the event participate in both team and individual activities.

He told the board that they had to identify aromas and flavors in food, complete a triangle test, which is a sample of three of the same food products with two of the products being the same and one of them being different and identifying the different one.

As a team, they were tasked with designing a new food product or reformulate an existing product based on information contained within the product development scenario.

The team also completed a food safety and sanitation activity. As individuals, an objective test, a problem-solving practicum and a food safety practicum were completed to count towards the team score.

Swiger explained some of the other activities that they competed in and shared as a team they did well.

At the end of the competition, the team placed 14th in the nation. Tennant shared that 14th is the highest that a team from West Virginia has placed in the competition.

“I am very proud of these individuals. They worked really hard,” he voiced. “I am very proud of what they have accomplishment.”

After the board congratulated them for representing the school, they heard about another team from Grafton High School and their accomplishments.

The Grafton High School Cross-Country team and their coaches were recognized at the meeting.

Principal Lori Shumaker praised the coaches P.D. Louzy and Carrie Moats for all of their hard work and dedication to not only the team but to the younger youth in the county.

For the past three years, the team has ventured out to West Taylor Elementary School to teach the students about the sport of Cross Country.

“The work that they have done with West Taylor Elementary School is amazing,” Shumaker voiced. “They are taking these leaders out to the elementary school and having them be role models for the kids.”

Louzy shared that he got involved with the program in 2009, and during his first two years of coaching, they received state titles.

After that the participation level went down, and when Louzy took over as head coach he shared he had a plan.

“When I took over three years ago, I had a three-year plan,” he revealed. “My plan was by year three to qualify both teams for the state meet, which we did this year.”

He told the board that they are in a tough region and at the state meet, the girls finished seventh overall and boys finished in tenth.

Louzy introduced the players to the board and praised them for their hard work.

The board members congratulated the coaches and team for their dedication to the sport and thanked them for representing the county. 

The next Taylor County Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 3, at 6:00 p.m. West Taylor Elementary School wil host the meeting and will provide an update on some of the great things happening at the school.


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