Two defendants charged in two seperate incidents

GRAFTON— Joseph Scott Hefferin, 34, of Grafton, was arrested on several misdemeanor charges including, Obstructing an Officer, Destruction of Property, Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct, on February 20.

His arrest came after an officer from the Grafton City Police Department responded to a disturbance call, at a local gas station.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Grafton City Police Officer, Hefferin entered a female’s vehicle without her permission.

The complaint states, that the female explained to the officer, that Hefferin had jumped into her vehicle without permission, asking her for a ride home and would not get out of the vehicle, after her asking him to.

In addition, the complaint further states, that upon coming into contact with the defendant, the officer said he could smell alcohol, and that Hefferin was having trouble standing and walking, which led him to believe that Hefferin was intoxicated.

The officer began speaking with the owner of the vehicle, and while doing so, Hefferin began walking away. The officer on scene radioed for backup.

An officer of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department arrived on scene. Upon arriving, Hefferin walked back and began cursing at the officers. When the officers approached him, he began walking away, again. The officers then asked him to turn around, to allow them to temporarily detain him, in order to question him about the incident.

The report further stated, that after being escorted to a police cruiser, to be handcuffed, he reared his head back and head-butted the back window of the cruiser, causing the window to shatter. He then became angry and tried to pull away from the officers, at which time, an officer forcefully took him to the ground.

The Taylor County Emergency Medical Squad was called to the scene to treat Hefferin’s injuries. Hefferin was reportedly bleeding from his nose and head. He was transported to Grafton City Hospital, for emergency care to the wounds and to get x-rays.

After being released from the hospital, Hefferin was transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, where he is being held on $5,000 surety/cash bonds, for each of his charges.

In an unrelated case, Donovan Mullins, 18, of Grafton, was arrested on Tuesday, February 21, and charged with felony First and Second Degree Sexual Assault.

His arrest came, following an officer of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department being made aware of two separate Child Advocacy Center interviews. According to a Criminal Complaint filed by the officer, he obtained a digital copy of the interviews. In the interviews, two minor females, both described separate incidents that had taken place with Mullins.

According to the complaint, the first incident took place in October 2016, and consisted of the defendant making sexual advances to a female minor. The victim stated, that she did not want anything to happen, but Mullins continued anyway.

He proceeded to get on top of the victim. She again told him no, however, Mullins reportedly told her, she “was going to like it,” according to the complaint.

The second incident was reported to have happened in November 2016; with Mullins, making sexual advances to another female minor.

The complaint further stated, that Mullins, along with a friend, began touching the victim inappropriately, and refused to stop, even after she had told them to.

The complaint revealed that, Mullins’ friend proceeded to get on top of the victim, despite her crying for him not to, while Mullins, himself, sat next to them and grabbed her hair.

In the complaint, the victim shared, that when she tried to get up to go to the bathroom, the defendant and his friend just followed her.

Mullins is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail with $65,000 surety/cash bonds for each of his charges.

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