Two charitable organizations receive money from TCCIF grant

TAYLOR COUNTY—Two organizations were on the receiving end of grant funding, thanks to the Taylor County Charitable Interest Fund (TCCIF).

TCCIF President Judy Collett, along with Your Community Foundation (YCF) President Patty Showers Ryan, made their way to Beech Street to present awards to Taylor County Family Resources (TCFR) and the Grafton Salvation Army.

“We received three grant applications this year, and our committee selected these two organizations. We had a total of $1,000 to distribute, so each organization will be receiving a check for $500,” explained Collett. “The Salvation Army’s award will be used for their Angel Tree program and the TCFR grant will go toward a special project aimed at helping others.”

According to TCFR Director Cathy Coontz, the money they received through TCCIF will be used to install some much-needed windows at their Safe Haven house.

“We feel really blessed to have been chosen to receive this grant,” said Coontz. “We were working in one of the upstairs rooms that we will use for storage for one of our pantries, and when I went to open one of the windows, it came out of the frame.”

She said that while it was funny to experience, it was an eye opener that more funds were going to be needed to continue to fix up the property.

“So, this money will really go a long way, and we are so pleased that we were chosen as one of this year’s recipients,” Coontz expressed.

Salvation Army Captain Denise “Dee” Stewart voiced that she too believed the grant money was a blessing for their Angel Tree Program, which helps put presents under the tree for area children in need.

“I just want to say thank you so much to TCCIF and YCF. I feel really blessed,” commented Stewart. “If I look at this amount in a wholesale aspect, I can purchase so many gifts for the children, and if I look at it in terms of each child, this will provide an awesome Christmas for five kids.”

She said that providing children with the fun and magic of Christmas is their ultimate goal, and this award would help do just that, especially in a year where so many are worried about being able to provide presents.

“We have seen so much more need this year,” said Stewart. “So, this will really help us out a lot.”

The Taylor County Charitable Interest Fund was created in 2008 with the mission to support social, educational, economic and cultural programs and organizations in the county.

To do so, the organization develops and manages donor funds and distributes charitable gifts from those funds to deserving individuals and groups in the county.

TCCIF is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization established to improve the quality of life for the residents of the county. The organization is part of the Your Community Foundation.

YCF is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization serving multiple counties in North Central WV. YCF provides administrative, financial reporting and auditing services for the Taylor County Community Funds.

“YCF is so happy to be able to administer the funds on behalf of TCCIF,” expressed Ryan. “We are thrilled to see the support that continues to be donated by the community, which ultimately go right back into Taylor County organizations.”

TCCIF strives to help various organizations and programs throughout Taylor County. The permanently endowed fund is used to support cultural, social, educational and economic needs of the county, helping to improve the quality of life for Taylor County residents.

For assistance in establishing a fund contact YCF through their website or TCCIF President Judy Collett by phone at 304-265-4928 or by emailing [email protected].

TCCIF gladly accepts donations from community members, to help continue their efforts in the county. Checks will need made out to Taylor County Community Funds and mailed to Your Community Foundation P.O. Box 490 Morgantown, WV 26507.

Those making donations by check are asked to include TCCIF on the check’s memo line. Donations may also be made online at and will only be used to benefit Taylor County.

Ryan shared that because YCF is a nonprofit, those making donations will be able to use them as a write off on their taxes, and all money collected will be deposited into the endowment fund, which makes they available for support community organizations for as long as the fund exists.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of TCCIF, I would like to thank all of our donors,” said Collett. “Since the fund was established in 2008 by our founder, Sally Harman, we have supported Taylor County organizations and teachers with additional monies to complete essential projects for our community members and children. We will be able to help many more as our fund increases.”

To learn more about YCF and their outreach, please call 304-296-3433, email [email protected] or visit their website


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