TLPGC continues Youth League after first year success

Last summer, TLPGC’s free youth league drew in more than 30 young aspiring golfers ready to learn and perfect their game on the green.

TAYLOR COUNTY— After seeing great success last summer with the start of their Youth Golf League, Tygart Lake Public Golf Course (TLPGC) has decided to carry on the annual event. 

The opportunity to learn the ins and outs and everything in between for the sport is being offered free of charge for those ranging in age from five to 14-years-old and kicked off with its first lesson yesterday, June 28. 

Over the course of five weeks, participants will learn the basics of the game of golf including the rules and fundamental skills, such as the proper way to hold the club, how to select the correct club needed for the drive and how to score the game.

Those who take part will also be taught shot and long game instruction and will have the chance to play the course.

The league is being led by TLPGC owner and seasoned golfer Todd Williams, along with other experienced golf enthusiasts.

Williams shared that since taking over ownership of the hometown golf course, providing a youth league has been a goal of his.

“This course is at the community’s disposal, and we want them to take advantage of it. Golf can be an enjoyable and relaxing pastime and is a great way to keep active. It is my hope that by offering this youth league, that it could assist in the growth of the high school golf program and be the start of a few successful golfing careers here in Taylor County,” he elaborated.

The next lesson of the five-week program is slated for Tuesday, July 5 at 6:00 p.m. and from there, lessons will commence every Tuesday, at the aforementioned time. The league will conclude on July 19.  Chaperones are encouraged to attend, and participants may join all or select weeks. 

“Last summer, we we’re hoping to see enough interest in the youth league to make it an annual event, or even expand it into something more permanent. We were thrilled with the interest we garnered last time and are excited to put youth league on once again,” Williams said. “Be sure to bring your kids out, and let us share our love of the game with them! Hopefully we can continue to grow on the greens here in Taylor County.”

For any questions, please call the TLPGC Pro Shop at 304-265-3100.


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