Three Bearcats combine for five interceptions during 46-13 win over Tigers

GRAFTON—The Grafton High School Bearcats claimed their third straight win on Friday night against the Elkins High School Tigers. 

Grafton pulled ahead early on after some empty drives from both teams and back-and-forth action. 

It was Bearcat Isaiah Vanscoy boosting the energy for Grafton with an intercepted pass. This turnover led the Cats to their first TD on the night, claimed by QB Tanner Moats with just 1:31 left to play in the first quarter. Stratten Wooddell sent the field goal attempt through the uprights, bringing the score to 7-0.

From there, Grafton shutdown Elkins attempts to sneak into the endzone, forcing the Tigers to punt the ball away on several of their possessions. 

On the Bearcats next trip down the field, Moats flicked a pass to Justin Spiker, once again setting Grafton up in the redzone prepared to widen their lead. On the following snap Arron Barker received the ball, easily crossing the goal line for the Grafton TD. 

On the kick attempt by Wooddell, the Tigers were called for encroachment. Grafton reset to try for a two-point conversion, but unfortunately Moats’ pass fell incomplete, bringing the score to 13-0 with under ten minutes remaining in the second quarter. 

Elkins, trying to piece together a solid offense set, would continue to find more misfortune with another Vanscoy interception that brought the crowd to their feet, and gave control back to the Bearcats. 

This drive would see Delaney rushing to the 40-yard line before being brought down by the Tigers’ defense. Moats then found Delaney for the pass advancing the Cats to the ten yard line, bringing up a first and goal situation. 

Vanscoy would carry but failed to break through the endzone. However, Moats handed the ball off to Spiker for the Bearcats’ next play and Spiker was able to make his way into the endzone for another Grafton touchdown. This time Wooddell would find success on the kick, and Cats lead 20-0, with 6:14 remaining before the halftime break. 

Once again, the Tigers desperately trying to fight back sent the ball into the air on a pass play only for it to be intercepted by the Cats for the third time in the first half. This time, the ball landed in the hands of Grafton’s Delaney. 

With a series of first downs, the Bearcats inched closer to the goal line with under five minutes left in the half. 

Lough went for a 17-yard carry and was brought down on the 23-yard line. On the next drive, Moat found Spiker in the endzone, but the pass came up short, bringing up a second and ten for the Cats. Lough would carry again, gaining valuable yardage for this time, placing the ball on the 15-yard line. 

Barker also gained a few yards for Grafton on the series with the ball being spotted on the 11-yard line after his carry. Moats ended the drive with a quarterback keeper, rushing into the endzone for the Grafton TD. With a successful kick by Wooddell, the Cats built their lead to 27-0 before heading into the locker room.

The second half would see much of the same dominating play from the Bearcats, as they continued to shutdown Elkins’ passing game with another interception made by Delaney. Grafton took over from their own 11-yard line.

On this drive series Moats sent a pass to Delaney and moved them to the 27-yard line for a Grafton first down. Next play saw Spiker rush to the 43, claiming yet another first down. 

Lough managed to break free from two Tiger defenders and found the endzone. However, this TD, was called back for a flag against the Cats. The ten-yard penalty sent Grafton back to the 18-yard line, before Moats punched another one in for Grafton. 

With the score setting at 33-0 with under six minutes remaining in the third, after Elkins blocked Wooddell’s extra point attempt, the Tigers worked to find their rhythm and stay in the game. 

However, penalty calls and the formidable defense of the Bearcats caused the loss of valuable yards for the Tigers, and they found themselves punting the ball back to Grafton after yet another empty possession. 

Lough, in the role of QB, as the third quarter was winding down, would keep the ball and charge into the endzone earning another TD for the Bearcats. Grafton suffered a penalty on the kick, which left the score at 39-0 with 3:26 left in the third. 

Elkins once again made some mistakes and suffered from a costly crack back penalty on their possession. Unable to shake the deficit, the Tigers would throw yet another interception, caught by Grafton’s Tristan Floyd. 

With Grafton’s fifth interception on the night, Floyd rushed the ball to the 21-yard line, setting the Cats up in scoring position, and it would be Lough shaking his defenders and adding another TD to the Bearcats’ total. The extra point kick once again sailed through the uprights and brought Grafton to a 46-0 lead. 

During the fourth and final quarter of action, the Tigers finally made their way into the endzone. Their low kick on the field goal attempt was unsuccessful and brought the score to 46-6. 

Elkins would score once again after a Bearcat fumble, which the Tigers recovered and took over at the 43-yard line. 

With just 3:25 remaining in the contest Elkins put another TD on the board, but their success came too late and at the buzzer, Grafton earned the impressive 46-13 victory. 

Grafton (4-2) will be back at home under the lights of McKinney Field on Friday, October 8 facing off against Richwood at 7:00 p.m.

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