There’s a new Chief Deputy in town

GRAFTON—Sheriff Terry Austin and the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department are proud to announce their new Chief Deputy.

Captain Randy Durrett, who has been serving with the sheriff’s department for over 25 years, was sworn in as Chief Deputy last week. Austin said one of the things that made Durrett stand out was his relationship with the community.

“Being out on calls with Randy, or serving warrants with him, even if someone was going to go to jail, they still liked him,” shared Austin. “He can diffuse a lot of harsh situations because people like him, and that means a lot to the department and community.”

He said Durrett also possesses a skill set that he hopes will be passed on to some of the younger, newer officers.

“What really impressed me with Randy, was he is someone who can go back twenty-some years and know who they talked to, what call they went out on, everything. He has everything documented and organized,” commented Austin.

Austin said that when he came into office, he hadn’t named a Chief Deputy because he wanted to get to know his officers, and see what they were capable of. He explained that he wanted to look within the department first, but if need be he would have looked elsewhere.

“I wasn’t looking for the perfect person, but the right person,” expressed Austin. “I feel, with his 27 years of service and dedication to the community, Randy deserves it.”

According to Austin, Durrett is taking his new position seriously, and is ready to help lead and mentor the newer officers.

“It was a proud moment for me, when I was sworn in as Chief Deputy. My father passed away nine years ago, and I wish he could have been there to experience it with me,” said Durrett.

According to Durrett, he started working for the Sheriff’s Department in December 1989, under then-sheriff, Rick Reese, who now serves as a Taylor County Magistrate.

“I’m beginning my twenty-eighth year, and this is the sixth sheriff I will have served under,” explained Durrett. “I’ve had the honor of working with past sheriffs Terring Skinner, Bob Beltner, Clark Sinclair, and the late Steve Kisner.”

Durrett said he wanted to work in and serve the citizens of Taylor County, because it is his home.

“My goal is to do whatever I can to help the sheriff and the people of Taylor County. I am excited to finish out my last few years on the sheriff’s department as Chief Deputy,” imparted Durrett.

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