There is still time to take part in GCH’s Summer Health Fair

GRAFTON—Grafton City Hospital (GCH) is on a mission to ensure that residents stay as healthy as possible, and after seeing great success with their spring health fairs, staffers have decided to extend the special offerings into the summer.

“We will be hosting another health fair for residents to take part in this summer,” explained Grafton City Hospital Clinical Laboratory Director Nick Jachelski. “Our summer health fair will be held the week of August 2-6, Monday through Friday, with appointments scheduled from 7:00 a.m. until noon, each day.”

And just like the previous health fairs held earlier this year, patients will no longer have to stand in line and wait to have tests performed.

“A lot of the participants voiced their excitement over no long waits in line, as there has been in previous years,” Jachelski noted. “Everything seemed to run very smoothly, and we were able to get patients in and out fairly quickly. So, we decided to stick with the new way of hosting the heath fair.”

The event will be held for five hours a day, over the span of five days, to allow patients the chance to take part in the health fair, and as a way to ensure the safety of participants and staff, the hospital will be scheduling four individuals an hour, to try and maximize their time.

During the event, participants will report to the hospital’s shed, where they typically conduct their COVID-19 testing, to receive paperwork. They will be asked to pull into a specific parking spot designated for health fair goers to complete said information packet.

“Once they have completed the packet, we will take their cell phone number and will call them when it is their turn to come to the shed for their tests,” disclosed Jachelski.

Through the health fair, individuals will be able to have a GCH Executive profile completed, which includes a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) that measures 14 different substances in your blood, providing important information about your body’s chemical balance and metabolism; a Lipid Panel, which measures your cholesterol and triglycerides; a Complete Blood Count (CBC) that measures red blood cells and hemoglobin, white blood cells and platelets; and a Thyroid-stimulating hormone (THS) Test to find out how well the thyroid is working.

This array of tests is being offered for $35. 

In addition, a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test willbe available for men at a cost of $15, a Hemoglobin A-1C test is being given for $15, a Vitamin D test for $30 and Blood Typing for $10.

In addition, the hospital will be offering two COVID antibody tests and both are available for $42 each. The SARS-CoV-2 Antibody IgG Test can detect COVID antibodies that were formed dur to an infection of the disease, while the SARS-CoV-2 Antibody IgG II Test will be able to distinguish antibodies that are present after a COVID-19 vaccination.

Patients may choose any individual test or a combination of any of the abovementioned tests, but individuals are reminded that these are all fasting tests.

“Fasting must be completed for 12 hours prior to having blood drawn,” Jachelski noted.

Test results will be available to participants in just 48 hours and can be accessed in a few different ways.

When signing up, individuals will have the option to have test results loaded into the hospital’s patient portal, accessed through email, or to have them mailed directly to their home.

Participants will need to call Grafton City Hospital Patient Access at 304-265-0400 to make an appointment for the health fair. During that time, if they so choose, they may prepay for the tests they wish to have performed.

“We will be accepting cash, check and major credit cards during the event,” Jacheklski noted. “Be sure to call in and get your spot reserved.”


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