The Taylor County Commission discusses website with State Auditor

TAYLOR COUNTY—Visiting the Taylor County Commission meeting this past Tuesday evening was Your Community Foundation of West Virginia (YCF). 

YCF is two charitable, nonprofit foundations, the Community Foundation of North central West Virginia and the Greater Morgantown Community Trust, that have combined into this one large, effective foundation.

The organization was there to hear three proclamations read in honor of National Nonprofit Day, which will be held on August 17.

Three Taylor County Nonprofits were honored in the three different proclamations.  The three honored were the Boys Scouts of America, the Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center and Mountaineer Area Young Life.

Another visitor to the meeting was West Virginia State Auditor John McCuskey, to talk to the Commission about is an open data platform that will make it easier for citizens and policymakers to find and analyze information about government spending.  Interested parties will be able to see how their tax money is actually being spent.

The platform has Google-style search capabilities which will allow lawmakers to share complex financial info in easy-to-read formats.  Citizens will be able to track spending and even submit a question about a specific case if needed.

The benefit, of course, to this type of technology would be complete transparency of public spending and therefore discouraging fraud. 

McCuskey said that his hope with this is to get the money out of the state’s hands and into the Counties hands.

“Everyone thinks our state economy is in the tank and that’s just not the case,” expressed McCuskey.

The cost is $3,000 for the first year and $1,800 a year after that.  McCuskey said that if the expenditure is an issue, his office would be happy to help with the cost. 

The Commissioners asked for their tech team to go through the program with the County Clerk before they join the other 33 counties signed up for the program, since the County Clerk’s office will be the office to use it.

“I wouldn’t make any decisions without Georgianna feeling comfortable with it first,” voiced Commission President Orville Wright. 

McCuskey assured the Commission that they would be happy to work with them to make sure it ran seamlessly. 

To wrap up McCuskey told the Commission how impressed he was with the improvements in Grafton.  He ended with, “Don’t forget, cars cost less in Grafton.”

Mike Thrush from the Adventure Club was up next, with a request for insurance to cover the upcoming Adventure Fest.  The cost of $559.06 was a significantly smaller donation than last year’s $1,000.  The request was quickly approved. 

The meeting ending with the news announcement that Thrasher will be at the next Commission meeting, which will be held on August 21, with new drawings for the bank renovation.

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