The History of Taylor County Chapter Two Hundred-Forty-Two

Boyd Chosen Mayor

The Wilson Theatre company that made such a favorable impression on their former engagement the previous season come to the Opera House got the week of February 26,1900, and despite the Lenten season, the management of the company and the theatre were well satisfied with the return of the week.
The company presented a repertoire of all new plays except that favorite drama, “East Lynne,” announced for Thursday night and the ladies as usual came out in force to sob at the misfortunes that befell Isabel Carlyle. The offerings, “The Girl From Frisco,” “The Middleman,” “What happened To Smith,” and “Power of Money,” were mostly excellently staged and acted by the members of the cast and the scenery used in the productions were carried by the company.  
Superintendents Hustead of the Grafton Baltimore and Ohio railroad terminal to forestall the shortage of water on the divisions east and west of Grafton during the dry spell that came before the town council to provide a sufficient number of cars of water in case of drought during the dry season. Council gave Mr. Hustead assurance that the town would furnish all the water for the railroad’s needs if the occasion arose for the need.
Aiden Benedict returns to repeat his romantic drama “Fabio Romana” after an absence of three years and presented this spectacular play to a far larger attendance on the night of March 6,1900, than his previous engagement. Time had not lessened the ability of this sterling actor and this play which created such a splendid impression three years before lost none of its glamor on the return engagement. The magnificent scenery and the startling effects produced were viewed with the same awe and breathtaking interest by those who witnessed the melodrama before and by many new patrons.
Gus Cohan, an eccentric comedian and a cast of four people, came to the Opera House for two nights March 14-15, 1900, and presented a unique vaudeville entertainment that was thoroughly enjoyable. The opening bill was a humorous entitled “Is Marriage A Failure?” in which Cohan and his leading woman, Miss Kate Watson, by the clever acting and amusing situations dissipated the notion that the Hymenal tie was far from a failure. J.W. Stern, a clever actor, in a one man sketch entitled “Hot Time In Mobile” won hilarious applause from the audience. The illustrated songs with beautifully colored lantern slides “Come Back To Erin, Come Home To Dad”  and “My Hannah Lady” in which the audience was urged to join in the chorus and this they did with vim, their voiced blending in harmony with Miss Lillian Starr on the stage. Miss Kate Watson, a clever tersicorean artist, entertained her audience in a pleasing manner and was repeatedly encored for her graceful dancing act. Gus Cohan caused a lot of merriment in his humorous monologue “Nuf Sed.” A series of 28 views of the disastrous Windsor Hotel fire in New York City, in which so many of the guests perished was shown. Something entirely new was introduced with the aid of electricity that threw shadows on a screen by an arc light placed on the floors of the stage and the members of the company and the stage hands marched, danced, and did stunts back of the light and their shadows were reflected on the white screen this novelty called The Lobsterscope was taken from Weber and Fields Music Hall, New York and when shown on local stage was acclaimed one of the best acts in which no word was spoken ever seen in theatre. The curtain fell on a comedy entitled “The New Cook” a laughable farce that sent the audience home in high good humor with the evening entertainment.
In the town election of Tuesday, March 20,1900, for mayor, William O. Boyd received 568 votes and Stephen W. Poe received 326 voted.
For council first ward John A. McCabe received 188 votes, William Morgan received 151 votes, Lewis Kitzmiller received 187 votes and J.M. Hamilton received 65 votes.

For council second ward, all incumbents held over.

For council third ward, all incumbents held over.

For council fourth ward, Samuel A. Shackelford received 131 votes and Frank A. Rauscher received 81 votes.


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