The History of Taylor County Chapter Three Hundred Seven

Elks Lodge of Sorrow

Grafton Lodge No. 308, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, hold their annual Lodge of Sorrow Sunday afternoon, December 4, 1904, and paid a loving tribute to the memory of brothers James C. Reardon, B.D. J. McKeown and John T. Flannery the two former out of town members and the latter only son of Patrick and Mary Flannery of Grafton, who met a tragic fate during the Christmas season of 1903. 

This was the first service held by the local lodge after the Grans Lodge established this beautiful service to commemorate the memory of brothers who joined this truly American society founded upon the cardinal principles of “Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity,” whose members are pledged to uphold the traditions and the flag of the nation. 

The ceremony began with the members singing the opening ode in unison followed by a prayer by chaplain. Sidney H. Sommerville then in a beautifully eulogy paid tribute to the memory of the departed brothers. The four stations of the lodge responded to the virtues of those who had passed on followed by the singing of the closing ode, at its conclusion the chaplain pronounced the benediction and the first “Lodge of Sorrow” held by Grafton Lodge No. 308 35 years ago was held and this service has been religiously observed on the first Sunday in December each following year.


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