The History of Taylor County Chapter Three Hundred-Eleven

Nominations for Mayor

* Please note, a portion of chapter 310 was missing and unable to be deciphered. While we work to track down the remainder of that installment, please enjoy chapter 311. Thank you for your understanding. 

W.W.Youngson who held a position on the Big Four Railroad and largely interested in the work of the Y.M.C.A among railroad men, addressed the members of the Christian Association in the gymnasium Sunday January 8, 1905. He was a fluent speaker and gave a fine address to the railroad men who turned out in numbers to hear this message to them. 

No matter how often an Uncle Tom’s Cabin show came to the local theatre there is always a rush to the box office, and this was no exception when Leon W. Washburn’s show came for the night of January 28, 1905 and carried away some $400 of the Grafton folks money which was contributed by 1,032 persons who entered the playhouse to witness this age old melodrama of Southern life. 

 A firm of real estate and insurance brokers styled Wilcoxen and Company opened an office in the First National Bank building and listed 11 pieces of property and lots in the new Beaumont addition offered to buyers on very easy terms. 

The Vandyke-Eaton company which seemed almost like a home institution came to the Opera House for the week beginning January 30, 1905 and were greeted by an audience of 817 paid admissions on the opening night, altogether 3,389 persons paid admissions to the theatre during the week’s engagement. 

Mrs. Emma Cummins Park, a returned missionary from India, gave an interesting talk on the lives and customs of the people of that country to a very large audience in the First Baptist church Sunday January 22,1905. 

The Republican nominating convention for town offices convened in the Court House Saturday February 8,1905, and nominated George W. Lowther, J. Oscar Jaco, and William H. Powell for the office of mayor; Ernest F. Clark for council in the first ward; Joseph J. Remlinger for council in the second ward; James W. Love for council in the third ward; Ona C. Jefferys for council in the third ward; Ona C. Jefferys for council in the fourth ward; James M. Hickman and Charles M. Roach for collector of taxes; Dr, Charles F. Burke for members of the Board of Education. The resolution which stated: 

“Whereas we condemn the manner in which the present Democratic council has hampered, confined and harassed the Republican mayor of the city in his efforts to give the people an able clean and upright administration and;

“That we condemn the present police system as inattentive to business and inefficient in the execution of the orders of the mayor.

Be it, 

“Resolved, by the council of the City of Grafton that the mayor of the said city is hereby requested to state to the council whether the above resolutions contain the truth, and if so, state in what particulars have the council hampered, harassed and confined him, and in what particulars the police force is inattentive in the execution of the mayor’s orders.” 

The Democrats offered no candidate for mayor in this convention held on the same date but offered the name of Dr. John S. Whitescarver as a candidate for council in the second ward; Ashby J. Wilkinson as a candidate for council in the second ward; Thomas H. Jackson for council in the third ward; Dr. R. Dorsey Mackin as a candidate for council in the fourth ward; Fred C. Graham for collector of taxes; William F. Pifer and Joseph B. Bradford for members of the board of education. 

Gus Sun’s American Minstrels, a new organization came to the Opera House February 8, and this organization of unknown stars to the theatrical world did not fare so well at the box office despite a very good street parade and an excellent band, even the concert prior to the opening of the doors failed to bring many of the regular patrons into the house.


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