The History of Taylor County: Chapter Three Hundred and Five

The Newspapers part five

Mr. Kidd continued to edit the Grafton Weekly Press along with his duties as editor of the Grafton Evening Press and his versatile pen was fully equal to the task of editing both papers. After sixteen issues from Monday, June 9, to Saturday, June 26, the proprietors announced the suspension of the Grafton Evening Press and relieved Mr. Kidd as editor of the new Democratic Daily. The paper was recognized as a Republican daily under the new heading of the Grafton Evening News and J. Monroe Boyer assumed charge as president and publisher. The initial edition of the Grafton Evening News came from the press on Monday, June 9,1930. Mr. Boyer in his editorial in this first issue said:

“The Time To Get Together.”

“The warmth with the Grafton Evening News was received by the people of Grafton last night was very gratifying to the publisher and all who had a hand in making the paper. As was stated in last night’s announcement, the primary purpose of the new newspaper is to serve the best interests of the whole community. The Evening News will do what it can at all times to promote community enterprises and to attract business and population to the city, but it can reach a maximum of service it has the cooperation and the support of the pub spirited Grafton people.

“Therefore a most cordial invitation is extended to all and sundry to favor the Grafton Evening News with suggestions and ideas that promise to make Grafton grow in every way. The Evening News is especially anxious to have it understood that it starts at scratch and has no personal friends to reward and no personal enemies to punish. It will be kept in that condition always. On the other hand it is the belief of this newspaper that one of the great drawbacks here is the lack of genuine community cooperation. For the next five years, say, an effort should be made to bury all differences that militate against frank and active community cooperation and to further that this newspaper pledges itself unreservedly.”

Mr. R.H. Kidd announced retirement as editor of the Grafton Daily Press and again became editor of The Grafton Weekly Press, his announcement read:

To Our Readers:

“We desire to take this opportunity of explaining to our readers that regardless of the birth, death or rebirth of any daily paper, Republican or Democrat, that has been is, or may be, in this city, The Grafton Press, the weekly Democratic paper, that you have been reading doe the past three years, is unaffected and will continue. The Press was established here in 1927 and despite the vicissitudes that, in the nature of things, beset a newspaper and notwithstanding the depression that has existed and still exists, the Press is sound financially and Democratic politically. It expects to keep itself in that shape. It might be advisable to mention here that the Press was not started to fight any paper and it does not propose to do so. It was established solely because it was thought that the Democratic party of Taylor County should have an organ through which to make itself articulate. It is accomplishing that purpose. That has been, and is its aim. No matter what others may fail to do, the Press will remain true to its ideals, its policies, and its community. It holds no ill will toward any other publication here or elsewhere. It fights for its own existence.”

On Monday, July 7, 1930, the Grafton Evening News suspended publication, owing to a lack of patronage and, perhaps, to financial difficulties, which the proprietors might have foreseen in their attempt to start a second daily newspaper in a community the size of Grafton and Taylor county or any other community with as few inhabitant. One daily paper is all that towns and its environs of this size will support and nothing else except failure can result in expecting the people to support two daily papers. The Grafton Sentinel that for more than 60 years chronicled the events and happenings of this community that in the beginning was established as a weekly, and for the past 27 years appeared as a daily paper, doubtless experienced difficulties in a financial way during its life time but managed to exist despite many attempts to put a rival paper in the field .


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