Teen Cuisine cooking up something good in the kitchen

 TAYLOR COUNTY—As a way to see teens become more independent, while learning to prepare meals that can propel them into a life of healthiness and well-being, the West Virginia University (WVU) Extension Office is offering Teen Cuisine courses. 

Despite its name, Teen Cuisine isn’t just for middle school and high school students. The curriculum can promote health and wellness for the whole family by teaching important life skills, according to Nutrition Outreach Instructor, Jeanette Coole. 

During the class, participants will learn basic fundamentals of cooking, such as following a recipe, measuring ingredients, safe food-handling techniques and proper knife use.

In addition, Coole will be focusing on teaching students how they can make healthy food decisions and ways to get themselves up and moving, along with other family members.

According to the WVU Extension, the Teen Cuisine curriculum includes six lessons, each lasting about 90 minutes.

During these free courses, participants will whip up tasty treats, while learning the importance of planning a well-balanced meal that incorporates each food group to help provide the best nutrition possible, as well as interpreting nutrition labels to make healthy choices. 

Once the pupils have an understanding of what foods make the best meals, they will need to be taught how to properly prepare them, learning skills that will help keep everyone a little safer at the dinner table.

Therefore, the course will also discuss minimizing foodborne illness risk from cross-contamination and understanding the food temperature danger zone.

Because Teen Cuisine also focuses on a person’s overall health and wellness, topics including decreasing screen time and incorporating physical activity and healthy lifestyle changes into daily routines will also be explored. 

The class is being offered virtually through six online courses. Following the completion of Teen Cuisine, participants will receive a graduation certificate, along WVU-branded kitchen tools and a cookbook to get them ready to hit the kitchen and cook up a masterpiece. 

Teen Cuisine is funded by the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). 

For more information or to sign up for the class, please contact Coole at 304-518-9814.


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