Technology woes encountered by Taylor County Public Library

TAYLOR COUNTY—While technology can be a fantastic tool used to keep people in touch and to keep information up to date, it can also come with some unexpected glitches, as the Taylor County Public Library (TCPL) has recently come to find out. 

Library Director Alesha Tocco has announced that due to unforeseen issues with their current Facebook page, it will have to be shut down and a new page created.

“Something has happened with the page, and none of us were able to access it,” she explained. “We have had two technicians try and crack the case, but they were unable to provide us with any access to the page.”

Because the webpage could no longer be opened by representatives from the library, they were forced to make a difficult decision.

“Unfortunately, we will have to shut down the current page and create a new one in its place. We want to extend our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused for any of our followers,” Tocco voice. “We just wanted to let the community know that they can expect to see a new page in the coming weeks, and we hope that they will like and follow us to stay in the loop with events and other announcements.”

And while the current page, which has 1,480 followers and 1,438 likes, will be deleted by the end of next week, Tocco is hopeful that the new page will draw the same fanbase.

Although they have experienced technical difficulties with their social media platform, the staff of the Taylor County Public Library continues to provide a safe place for patrons to escape in a good book, along with numerous other services. 

With shelves upon shelves of books, internet access and free wifi, any topic will come to life within the wall of the library. Patrons will also be able to access a wide selection of magazines, local newspapers and a collection of microfilmed Mountain Statesman newspapers dating back to 1897.

In addition to their traditional book rentals, the TCPL also offers audio book and DVD rentals and the use of electronic books.

The library also offers residents and guests the opportunity to explore the county’s history with their extensive genealogical and historical records, in partnership with the Taylor County Historical and Genealogical Society.

Guests of the TCPL are also welcomed to make copies of materials, and a notary is on staff to help with legal documentation, for a small fee.

In addition to being the perfect place to study and learn, the TCPL also offers fun, family events for community members to enjoy.

The list of services offered by the Taylor County Public Library continues to grow, but Tocco said without the help of the community, their services will be limited or even canceled.

To learn more about the services offered by the Taylor County Public Library, feel free to stop by their location at 200 Beech Street, Grafton, or give them a call at 304-265-6121. Information may also be obtained on their website

Be sure to keep an eye out for their new Facebook page, too!






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