Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off at West Taylor Elementary

FLEMINGTON—Teachers hold a magical place in many hearts and during Teacher Appreciation Week, West Taylor Elementary School wanted to show how magical their school, teachers and staff are.

Teachers Appreciation is being celebrated May 6-10, and schools across the county are showing their appreciation to all of the teachers and staff that work tirelessly to educate the youth.

Every year, West Taylor Elementary School (WTES) celebrates their teachers with a weeklong celebration complete with a theme.

The theme for the year’s celebration is “Disney.” To transform the school into the most magical place on earth, parents came to the school Friday and Saturday to decorate the teacher’s doors and put out other decorations.

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) picks the theme every year, activities PTO Secretary Christy Larry and Treasurer Sabrina Maynard shared that everyone loves Disney and it’s fun to see the students faces when they came to school on Monday.

Throughout the hallways, doors were transformed into some of the most beloved Disney characters with a twist celebrating the teachers.

Some of the doors included Dumbo, Finding Nemo, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Up, Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians and even some of the most well-known villains, Ursula and Maleficent.

In addition to decorating the doors throughout the school, parents also hung inspirational Disney quotes to help inspire students.

Throughout the week, everyday a different activity is planned centered around the theme and on Friday, students, staff and teachers will dress up as their favorite Disney character.

Everyday teachers and staff will be treated to lunch courtesy of parent donations, in their lounge that is decorated with a Beauty and the Beast themed with the saying “Be our guest.” On Thursday employees from Leer Mining Complex will be at the school serving up lunch to all of the teachers and staff.

Principal Jamison Fisher whose door was adorning a Mary Poppins theme, shared she loves all of the parent involvement this week and throughout the year.

“Our parent volunteers and PTO are very creative and are always here to support our staff,” she expressed. “This week they wanted to show the staff how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication.”


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