TCMS wrestlers boast winning records

Gutshall remains undefeated on season

PRUNTYTOWN— After boasting a roster of just five last season, the Taylor County Middle School wrestling team has more than doubled their numbers this year and has been making great head way on the mats. 

The 2021-2022 Knights Wrestling season began back in November and has seen consistent improvement from newcomers, as well as great success from several of their seasoned members.

According to the Knights parents and Head Coach Kevin Efaw, the TCMS wrestling team is a group of hard working and dedicated young men, who take the work and challenges that are handed to them both in practice and during competitions with great stride, always looking to get stronger and be better. 

Despite not only battling it out on the mats with some of the toughest competition in the area, and continuing to contend with COVID and less then desirable winter weather conditions, the Knights have yielded an excellent season. 

As it nears its end, several Knights are carrying winning records, while one remains undefeated. 

Eight grader, Anthony Gibson has wrestled more matches than anyone else on team, with 19 under his belt and is currently holding an impressive 15-4 record. 

Seventh grader Knight Cash Nestor has also earned a respectable 12-2 standing, while sixth grader Garrett Davis is boasting an 8-1 record for his first season as a Knight. 

Meanwhile, Jeremiah Satterfield, in his last season as a Knight Wrestler stands at 9-4. 

Tanner Lipscomb joins Satterfield, also carrying a record of 9-4, while Mason Sheme and Trentyn Martin both come in at 7-5. 

Sitting at 4-3, Evan Weatherby is also finishing out his final season as a Knight, as one of the team’s five eighth graders. 

Caleb Jacobs and Alex Conrad each have a neutral record for the Knights with Jacobs sitting at 6-6, while Conrad is at 4-4.

And sitting on top for the Knights is eighth grade TCMS wrestler Dylan Gutshall, who has yet to meet his match this season, as he has been dominating and demolishing his opponents to earn a perfect 13-0 record. 

Gutshall, along with his teammates will look to improve on their winning records this weekend, as they head to Preston County High School to take to the mats of the Mason-Dixon Conference Championship. 

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