TCMS teachers rally together for the love of their students

PRUNTYTOWN— Everyone has heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work” and here, locally, the staff of Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) has been the perfect example of that.

Last week, the faculty and staff learned of a need within the school and immediately rallied together to fill that need.

The school’s librarian, Lynn Conti, had shared with her fellow co-workers that the library’s shelves could use some restocking.

Hearing of this desire to supply their students with new reading material, TCMS counselor Jerry Dooley sent out an email to the entire staff, challenging them to purchase books for the library, and his peers quickly rose to that challenge.

In just a matter of hours, the faculty and staff of TCMS, as well as individuals in the district office, purchased over 50 books totaling more than $750, from an Amazon wish list created by Conti.

“This was an unplanned activity/fundraiser. In short, teachers and staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty to personally purchase new books for our library,” he shared. “This was all unplanned and our teachers responded for our students.” 

Although it was an email chain that got thing started, the effort was accomplished because of the selfless hearts of the TCMS staff, who truly believe in doing what needs to be done for their students.

And while this act was a great testimony to the love and dedication the school’s staff has for their students, it also speaks volumes to the respect they have for Conti and her mission to transform the library in to a safe haven for her students and spread a love for books.

“Mrs. Conti has literally revolutionized our library sciences department and is a great addition to our already talented Creative Arts team,” Dooley expressed. “She is constantly encouraging students to read, works with teachers every chance possible in classrooms, teaches in the library and more. She is absolutely amazing and our staff responded, in part, because of her.”

Head of the Creative Arts department, Andrew Moore, shared that it was nice to see Conti get the recognition she deserves saying, “her passion is contagious.”

“She is a great librarian. She has done a tremendous job reimagining our library. In today’s digital age, literacy can be lost,” he added.

Dooley revealed that prior to talking with Conti about the school’s need for library books, that he was unaware the Amazon wish list even existed, and he began wondering how many others were uninformed of its existence.

“But, I thought,  we can take a step to fix that,” he noted.

Sharing this thought, he once again emailed his fellow staff members asking that they consider posting the link for the wish list on their social media accounts or to share it via text in an effort to continue adding to the library’s shelves. 

“It was a victory for us at TCMS. We rallied together, and we made the dream happen. This would not have been possible if our staff had not responded out of the kindness of their hearts. I am thankful to each and every one,” Dooley boasted. 

For those in the community who may be interesting in assisting the library at Taylor County Middle School by purchasing book from their Amazon wish list, it can be found by visiting

Purchases made through the Amazon wish list can be delivered directly to the school.







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