TCMS students urged to have courage and to stand up to bullying

PRUNTYTOWN—Students at Taylor County Middle School learned about different types of bullying and how to be proactive and the importance of standing up for others on Monday.

Speaker Jim Jordan who is the author of four books, an anti-bullying expert, certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, The Mental Heath Academy and St. Johns Ambulance and Quest Education Systems came to the school to spread his message to students.

He shared that has been speaking students around the country for 13 years and that the middle school invited him to come and share his presentation.

The main focus of the presentation was telling students the importance of being proactive and standing up for others.

“Bystanders are the ones with the true power when it comes to bullying, and the offender and the victim are only part of the equation,” he voiced.

Jordan told the students stories about other students being bullied and what happened when bystanders finally stood and helped.

One story he shared was about girl with whom he exchanged e-mails. For two years, this girl had been picked on by three other girls. All the while, a group of six other girls stood by and allowed it to happen.

Then one day, as the victim was being mercilessly harassed by the three bullies, the six girls decided enough was enough, and told the principal. Their actions stopped the bullying immediately.

“The girl told me in her e-mail that she was never bullied by those three girls again,” Jordan said.

He explained to students that speaking up takes courage, but it’s important to let an adult know when someone is being bullied.

In addition, Jordan explained to students the difference between bullying and teasing or joking with friends.

After he explained the difference he showed students different scenarios on a PowerPoint presentation and asked them to answer if each situation was bullying or not.

“It is important for students to know the difference between talking and taunting,” Jordan explained.

The assembly was a mix of many different elements to help keep the students engaged, excited and on their toes.

At the end of the presentation, he told to students to have the courage to speak up for others and be the change.


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