TCMS Invitational sees success from varsity and JV Knights

FLEMINGTON— The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) Knights XC team pulled off a successful home meet on a rainy Wednesday evening this week. 

The TCMS Invitation was held on the Knights’ home course at West Taylor Elementary and boasted teams from surrounding schools including Suncrest Jr. High, South Middle, Mountaineer Middle, Bridgeport Middle, Lincoln Middle, East Fairmont Middle, West Fairmont Middle, Elkins Middle, Central Preston, Aurora Elementary and WI.

Adding to the toughness of the 1.8-mile trail, runners were also faced with competing in the rain, making the conditions of the course a bit trickier. 

For the meet, the teams ran in different heats, JV girls, JV boys, varsity girls, varsity boys. 

The varsity Lady Knights were the first to take off among the 90 runners registered, and four finished in the top 50. 

Leading the way for the TCMS Lady Knights varsity group was eighth grader Sophia Austin. She came in with a time of 13:56, placing her 12th overall, while fellow 8th grader Kenna Keener landed at 36 out of the 90 with a time of 15:21. 

Closely behind Keener was Addison Sole, taking 37th her time of 15:22, and Natalee Cartwright navigated the course in just 15:41, earning her 45th. 

The varsity Lady Knights combined for a team total of 1:17:59, with an average of 15:35, to take seventh place out of a possible 13. 

Next up, the boys varsity would work to conquer the trail and saw success just as the Ladies had, with five runners finishing in the top 50 of the 88 participants. 

With an impressive time of 12:02 Colson Annon led the Knights and secured a ninth-place overall finish, while newcomer Carter Gillespie had quit an impressive display himself, as the sixth grader finished 17th with a time of 12:36. 

Also finishing in the top 50 for the varsity Knight was Isaac Young (37th), Owen Nestor (45th) and  Greyson Ramezan (48). 

The boys combined for a total of 1:05: 24, with an average of 13:04 placing them in sixth of the possible 12 places. 

The Lady Knights JV group was represented solely by seventh grader Peyton Smith, who came in 26 out of 63. 

The boys JV squad was represented by six runners, all of which recorded a great finishing time, placing all of the Knights for the heat within the top 50 out of 103. 

Novice member Cameron Gray recorded a time of 13:34, earning him a fourth-place overall finish, while his brother and fellow Knight Mason Gray came in 20th with a time of 14:15. 

Also representing the JV Knights were John Gouzd (21st), Briar Larew (26th), Parker Biller (35th) and Maverick Bartsch (47th). 

The JV boys combined for a team total of 1:11:44, and an average of 14:20, earning fourth place. 

“We are so proud of all of our runners and would like to extend a special thanks to all of our parent volunteers for making our home meet such a success,” shared coaches Karey Maier and Autumn Young. 

Individual stats, Lady Knights: Sophia Austin (13:56), Kenna Keener (15:21), Natalee Cartwright (15:41), Addison Sole (15:22), Natalie Beltner (17:39), Ainsley Alexander (18:55), Ali Wilfong (22:36), Peyton Stevens (17:09)

Individual stats, Knights: Colson Annon (12:02), Greyson Ramezon (13:44), Owen Nestor (13:40), Mason Gray (14:15), Isaac Young (13:22), Chase Maier (14:26), Maverick Bartsch (15:47), Parker Biller (15:10), Briar Larew (14:34), John Gouzd (14:21), Cameron Gray (13:24), Carter Gillespie (12:36), Brayden Weaver (13:54). 



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