TCMS Cross Country runners medal at 2022 Bearcat Invitational

PRUNTYTOWN—The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) Knights Cross Country program participated in the 2022 Bearcat Invitational last Saturday and showcased some strong running.

During the event, the TCMS boys dominated the course, earning a second place finish out of a total seven teams competing.

With steady running, the Knights managed to average a time of 12:58, and finished with a team combined time of 1:04:50.

“These boys show up and don’t disappoint,” said Coach Karey Maier. “They continue to improve each time we compete, and that’s what we want to see.”

Leading the way to second was Carter Gillespie, who completed the course in just 12:37, a time that landed him in sixth place out of a field of 80 runners.

The one-two combo of Briar Larew and Cameron Gray were the next to cross the finish line for the Knights, with times of 12:51 and 12:53, earning them nineth and 10th place finishes overall.

The Knights continued to filter in amongst the pack, with Chase Maier claiming 12th place with a time of 12:54, and Caleb Edwards rounded out the top five runners for TCMS, taking down the course in 13:35 and finishing in 19th place.

Maverick Bartsch (13:40, 20th place), John Gouzd (13:43, 23rd place), Mason Nestor (14:33, 36th place), Jake Davis (14:33:01, 37th place) and Grant Taylor (16:01, 56th place) also hit the course for the Knights.

With an impressive time of 13:35, Addison Sole was the first Lady Knight to cross the finish line, during the female race. Because of her strong performance, she claimed fourth place out of a total 50 runners in the middle school girls’ race.

Peyton Stevens, with a time of 15:46, claimed a 20th place finish, followed by Ainsely Alexander in 26th place, with a time of 16:32.

With back-to-back completions, Addie Annon (17:46) and Suri Stemple (18:08) rounded out the top five runners for the Lady Knights, and earned 34th and 35th place overall finishes, respectively.

Lydia Conrad (18:56, 38th place), Jordan Cox (19:27, 39th place) and Arabella Jones (19:38, 40th place) also took to the course for the Lady Knights.

With a team combined time of 1:21:47, and an average run time of 16:21.40, the Lady Knights finished up the day in 4th place out of five teams.

Before hitting the home course, the Knights Cross Country program also competed in the South Harrison Middle School Invitational.

The race boasted 68 competitors on the boys’ side of the event and 66 runners in the girls’ event.

During the invitational, the boys once again showcased strong running, claiming a third place finish out of eight teams, while the ladies claimed sixth place, out of nine competing teams.

Running for the Knights were Cameron Gray (13:37.11, 13th place), Briar Larew (13:37.63, 14th place,) Chase Maier (13:49.06, 16th place), Caleb Edwards (13:53.87, 19th place), John Gouzd (14:16.82, 25th place), Maverick Bartsch (14:31.36, 27th place) and Mason Nestor (14:41.41, 30th place). 

Lady Knights runners consisted of Addison Sole (14:48.51, 8th place), Peyton Stevens (16:22.00, 21st place), Ainsley Alexander (17:52.87, 35th place), Addie Annon (19:13.19, 44th place), Suri Stemple (19:14.03, 45th place), Jordan Cox (21:18.51, 52nd place), Arabella Jones (21:31.56, 54th place) and Lydia Conrad (22:02.14, 58th place).

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