TCMS band ready for a new year

PRUNTYTOWN—One local band teacher is bringing his passion of music to the youth in Taylor County and renewing the band program at one local school.

In January, Josh Chiado joined the staff at Taylor County Middle School as the band teacher.

Chiado has a background in music and is also the Assistant Director of Bands and Percussion Instructor at Fairmont State University.

Previously, he taught band, choir and general music at Monongah Middle School for five years.

Chiado may be from Fairmont, but he was very familiar with the band program at the middle school.

He revealed that when he first started, he worked under former Band Director Christine Schulz for nine years.

“I had always envied her program. She always did it very well,” he shared. “Her kids excelled for a middle school level band.”

Chiado expressed he remembered making a comment to his wife and family that he would love to take the program over because it was a hidden gem.

“When I saw the job come open as well as the music job for his wife, the timing was perfect,” he commented.

Chiado and his wife Sarah, joined the staff at TCMS in January, and since then, the duo has been working hard to share their passion for music.

“My goal is to get the band back to the status it used to be,” he shared. “I know we have the potential to do great things here.”

Many may not know, but one thing that is unique about this program is they have a marching band, which a lot of middle schools do not.

To help get students excited about band, over the summer, the school brought back the beloved band camp, and Chiado revealed that they had 62 or more students present every day.

The band was open for sixth through eighth grade students, and during the camp, they focused on basic marching and instrumental fundamentals.

“I told my instructors that I had helping, that I didn’t want to focus on the music, but the sound fundamentals and harness in on them,” he explained.

Once school started back up, the excitement continued, shared Chiado.

“We currently have 138 students enrolled and 57 are fifth graders,” he commented.

Chiado added that the fifth graders are very eager and energetic, and the returning students are absolutely phenomenal.

“I take the program seriously, and I care about my students,” he expressed. “I’ve had students tell me that they can see that I do care and want their success, and I think that helps them to achieve.”

Additionally, he shared they plan to hold fundraisers to help purchase a trailer to assist with transporting the instruments, as the task can be hard at times with the growth of the band can be difficult.

He shared that within five years he would like to get the students new uniforms. The mascot and colors have updates and we want the uniforms to reflect.

If you want to check out the band, you’re in luck. They will be performing at two middle school football games that will take place at the end of October.

In addition, the marching band will be joining the Grafton High School Bad during a Bearcat football game on October 18.

The band will also be in the Grafton Christmas Parade and the Grafton Memorial Day Parade.

There will also be a Christmas concert and Spring Concert, and the dates for both concerts will be announced soon.

Chiado also revealed that in April, they will be traveling to Robert C. Byrd High School to participated in the Annual Region 10 Band Festival.

He reported that when the band competed last year they received a superior rating, which is the highest a band can receive for their performance.

“Our goal for this year is to continue to build,” he expressed. “I want the community to see the work these kids put it in. They work extremely hard and I want them to see that their hard work goes doesn’t go unnoticed.”


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