TCAC to enrich lives of children with art classes

GRAFTON—The Taylor County Arts Council is proud to announce that they will be offering free summer activities for children on Saturdays.

Members Cindy Rubenstein and Vicki Aucremanne shared that this has been a group effort for a couple months.

“It reflects our mission statement, art for all,” expressed Aucremanne. “The Taylor County Arts Council works to bring the arts in all of its varied forms to all, with particular emphasis on introducing the arts to our youth.”

Each week there will be a different activity. The classes are geared towards children ages three to 13.

The is no charge for the activities and all organizers asks is that the community comes and is prepared to have fun!

The classes will start July 13, at the gallery, located at 62 W Main St, at 11:00 a.m. The classes will last until 1:00 p.m.

To kick off the classes this Saturday, children will be completing a special craft.

During the weekly classes, children will also have the opportunity to learn yoga and many other forms of art.

“I think yoga fits in perfectly with the art gallery,” commented Rubenstein. “It allows children to focus and be mindful.”

She added that the gallery is the perfect place for the special exercise, and children can relax and feel centered there.

During the yoga sessions, Rubenstein will pick a theme and after the children take part with relaxing yoga and tell a story with their body, they will create a craft that goes with the theme.

In addition, to yoga, children will be working on a vision board on August 10.

Rubenstein shared that the board will be a way for children to take their creativity and turn into a goal setting activity.

“The whole concept behind a vision board is if you see it often, then you focus on it,” she explained. “It is done with pictures or drawings, whatever the children would like to put on the board.”

Then on August 3, BJ Lyons will be sharing his craft of pottery with participants and will be teaching children how to make pinch pottery.

Aucremanne shared that some of the other activities may include watercolors and mix media.

To see the full schedule of classes and to keep up with upcoming events be sure to like and follow Gallery 62 West on Facebook at

“Please plan to join us at the Gallery 62 West this Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m., as we kick off our kid classes,” voiced Rubenstein. “We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing our love of art with the community.”


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