TC Public Library on a mission to lift, support and inspire girls

GRAFTON—There is no doubt that a strong woman can accomplish any feat put in her path, and the Taylor County Public Library wants to start laying the groundwork for emboldened females at a young age.

“In today’s world, it is easy for females to feel like they’re less than, but I wanted to do something to help girls realize their full potential,” voiced Taylor County Public Library Director Alesha Tocco.

To do so, the library will begin hosting girls’ support groups. Through these events, young females will be inspired through motivational talks, and to keep things fun, they will also be able to explore their creative side while making crafts.

“This will be a time to lift, support and inspire the future generation of female leaders in our community,” Tocco disclosed.

The girls’ support groups will be held on July 26, 28 and 30, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the Maple Avenue Park.

Any female that is 18 years of age or younger is invited and encouraged to attend these uplifting events, where females can gather to celebrate the beauty of being a girl.

“We want girls to know that they are not alone in this world, and that they are capable of doing amazing things,” Tocco commented. “Though these girl-centric and supportive programs, we hope to do just that.”

It is the belief of Tocco that inside every girl is strength, creativity and a powerful voice, but sometimes through bullying or other social obstacles, those voices are dimmed or lost all together.

Because she wants young females to know that they are special, and as a way to help ignite a spark in the area’s younger ladies, leading to a brighter light for the world to see, Tocco came up with the idea of the support groups.

“It is my hope that these support groups will help young girls see the magic that they have within them,” Tocco explained.

Now is the time to break the damsel in distress mold, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to give young females a strong role model to emulate.

“The more a girl sees and hears about female strength, the more comfortable she will become with owning her own strength,” Tocco shared. “And while I will be leading these programs, I will have great volunteers helping to teach the girls that they are supported as we work to inspire them to be the best version of themselves possible.”

To learn more about the girls’ support groups and their offerings, please contact Tocco at the Taylor County Public Library at 304-265-6121.



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