Taylor’ed For You offers quick and easy testing for residents

GRAFTON—With the announcement of an almost full Spring Health Fair, Grafton City Hospital would like to remind residents that they can take advantage of testing opportunities through the hospital’s lab.

In the past, those experiencing health concerns would have to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician or a specialty doctor who would then write an order before labs could be completed, but that is not the case any longer.

“Grafton City Hospital is proud to provide residents with direct access or multiphasic testing as a way to better serve our patients,” said Grafton City Hospital Clinical Laboratory Director Nick Jachelski.

This is where the hospital’s Direct Labs Taylor’ed for You, a program that will allow patients to pick and choose which labs they would like to have performed at a great cost, comes into play.

“The name is really just what this program is about. It will allow individuals to choose which lab tests they would like to have performed,” Jachelski revealed. “So, if someone wanted to look at maybe their cholesterol, they would have that ability now.”

The program centers on the eight most ordered laboratory tests. Those tests include a Multiphasic, Chemistry, Fasting Lipid and Thyroid Profiles, as well as CBC, PSA, A1C and Vitamin D tests.

Additionally, through the program, patients can undergo blood typing, along with SARS-CoV-2 Antibody IgG II testing.

“The program covers tests that can check every major organ. They can show the presence of viral infections, bacterial infections, certain types of cancer or other diseases, and sometimes people just want to know their blood type,” Jachelski explained.

He noted that the program will offer pricing that was comparable to prices during the hospital’s annual health fairs.

“However, Taylor’ed for You will be offered all the time, Monday-Friday, from 7:00 a.m. until noon,” Jachelski divulged. “What is great is the deep discounts that we are able to give patients through the program.”

He further revealed that they were able to greatly discount their Multiphasic Profiles, which includes the Comprehensive Metabolic, Fasting Lipid Panel, a TSH with a free T4 and the Complete Blood Count (CBC) test, to just $75.

While the Covid Antibody test cost $42, the remainder of lab tests are provided at a cost of less than $30 each, many only being around $15.

“Together, we need to get back to work keeping everyone healthy, and this is just another way that we can accomplish that goal,” Jachelski voiced. “No physician orders are needed, and there is no need to wait to undergo testing.”

The tests are not billed to a person’s insurance, and costs will have to be covered in full before the analyses are performed. Individuals may pay by cash, check, credit or debit card, making it even more convenient.

“Direct Lab Testing forms may be picked up either in the lab or at the registration desk, and patients may fill them out and bring them back in with them,” noted Jachelski. “Individuals may also fill out the forms in advance by visiting our website, www.graftonhospital.com.”

Once the testing is completed, results will be mailed out to individuals, and it will be the responsibility of the patient to consult with his or her physician and provide them with the results.

For more information about the Direct Labs Taylor’ed for You program and the tests provided, please visit Grafton City Hospital on the web at www.graftonhospital.com or call the hospital at 304-265-0400.


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