Taylor County Youth League bridges the gap in spring and fall seasons

FLEMINGTON—Most residents of Taylor County do not know about another opportunity in the area for youths to play baseball.

The Taylor County Youth League has begun their season of baseball and T-ball for the summer.

With the regular season little league over and the options to play travel ball becoming quite expensive,  the Taylor County Youth League provides an option for the kids of Taylor County to remain sharp in their skills and breach the gap of spring baseball and fall baseball.

The season will run the entire month of June and the first week of July, and consists of  two baseball teams and two T-ball teams.

The league is helmed by Mark Moats, who took over the league a couple of years ago.

“This league was started as a bridge between spring and fall sports. We have a lot of kids who play soccer and other sports that overlap with the spring season of baseball, and they can’t play regular spring ball, and we have some kids who want to stay active during the summer and work on their baseball skills. It’s a good opportunity for kids to be part of a team and to keep their fundamentals strong as they enter the fall sports period,” indicated Moats. 

“We just wanted to provide an opportunity for every kid in the county to play baseball or T-ball. We don’t have the big turnout that the little league program does but it is all about the kids and they have a blast playing,” he added.

So if you want to get your baseball fix and want to watch the kids of the county play some baseball, then go to West Taylor Elementary on any day of the week throughout the month of June to watch some quality baseball being played by kids and coaches who are having fun with the game.



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