Taylor County youth football takes on Colts

TAYLOR COUNTY—It was a cold, rainy Sunday when the Bearcubs took on the West Fairmont Colts at Mary Lou Retton Park in Fairmont. The weather couldn’t put a damper on the Bearcub Midgets’ play as they outscored the Colts 39-6.

The Bearcubs came out strong, scoring early in the first quarter, as the team worked together to move the ball down the field. The Cubs would hold the Colts off from scoring in the first half, going into halftime with 19-0 lead.

West Fairmont finally found some momentum and were able to score in their first series of the 3rd quarter, bringing the score to 19-6. The Bearcubs wouldn’t let that stop them, as they dug deeper and made their way into the endzone once more with 5:43 left in the third quarter, and after the extra point was good, the Cubs led the Colts 26-6.

Both teams would have difficulty finding the endzone until later in the fourth quarter. With 5:38 left to go, the Bearcubs would come together to move the ball down the field, adding six more points to the scoreboard.

Then, in one final drive down the field, the Cubs would show their muscle once more, scoring with just seconds left, bringing the final score to 39-6.

“We have a very intelligent, athletic group of men this year, which enables us to make adjustments and changes quickly,” said Head Coach Doug Devart. “Our football team plays like common core math; no one really understands it, but it just ends up working.”

Assistant Coach Steve Louzy commented on the boys’ camaraderie and teamwork, noting that they can often be seen cheering one another on and helping each other when it counts.

“I was so proud of our older Bearcubs this afternoon,” he expressed. “Another well played victory over West Fairmont. This team kind of reminds me of the Oompah Loompas on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They don’t say much, they just show up and do their jobs!”

Devart said that it is his hope that the Cubs will carry their fighting spirit and strength into tonight’s game saying, “We played with a fire today. The boys came out and attacked on the field. I hope it continues in our matchup with South Harrison.”

The Bearcub PeeWees found themselves in another tough situation, as they hit the field on Sunday against West Fairmont, as well. Unfortunately, the Cubs were outplayed and outscored 40-0.

“It isn’t what we had hoped for, but our guys gave a good effort,” said Head Coach Chad Royce. “We have some areas that we still need to work on, but I know our boys will be unstoppable once we get the ball rolling.”

The Bearcub Mighty Mites also had a hard time against the Colts but gained valuable experience on the field.

The Bearcubs will be back in action tonight, as they host the Hawks of South Harrison, in their first home games of the season. The Mighty Mites will kick off at 3:00 p.m., while the PeeWees will take the field at 5:00 p.m. The Midgets will then play under the lights at 7:00 p.m.


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