Taylor County Tie Man turns 30

His birthday wish: ties

GRAFTON—Today a local celebrity that has touched the hearts of many is celebrating his 30th birthday, and for his birthday he is asking community to help him break a world record.

Throughout the years, many locals may have heard of the Taylor County Tie Man, Billy Davis, and have been touched by his kind heart.

On Monday, a birthday party was held for Davis, and he shared that he received 85 more ties from friends and family.

Davis reported to the newspaper in September, that his collection was at over 10,000 and since then it has reached of over 14,000.

Through donations and help from friends and family, he continues to get closer to breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for most ties.

According to Guinness World of Records, the largest collection of ties is 21,321 and was achieved by Irene Sparks who lives in Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand, on July 29, 2017.

Sparks started her collection in 2000, where she wanted to make quilts from the ties she collected. It took her two years to make three quilts.

Davis on the other hand, has collected neck ties since childhood.

He revealed that he was just seven years old when he received a box of ties and has many childhood memories with his ties.

From making carpets with the ties to playing cops and robber with his brother, Davis shared that he has many great memories from his collection.

With such a large collection of ties, many would be surprised that the tie collector extraordinaire can tell you a special memory behind every neck tie.

One of his favorite ties has a picture of him and his father at his graduation from Grafton High School.

Davis stores most of his collection neatly in 15 totes in his room, but has many placed throughout his room with pictures of family.

“I have ties from pastors, judges, teachers and school bus drivers. Every tie has a special memory,” he expressed.

He also shared that his collection includes a tie for every holiday and occasion you can think of.

To add to his collection, he goes shopping with his Aunt Brenda Larew, at  thrift stores in Philippi, Belington and Elkins.

“I sometimes come back with 20-30 ties,” Davis commented. “My church family has also helped me out with the ties, and my aunt Catharine and cousin Brenda have helped also.”

Davis shared that for his birthday he would like to get more ties to get him closer to breaking the record.

If you would want to help Davis reach his goal and wish him a happy birthday, please mail ties to Davis at 120 School St, Grafton, WV 26354.


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