Taylor County Prosecutor John Bord honored to help NFL and MLB

GRAFTON—Working hard and doing a job well are things people often strive for. For one local man, his hard work, dedication and commitment to his job had afforded him some opportunities that not many get.

Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord, who has been serving the county for numerous years, was recently named as the statewide liaison to the National Football League and Major Baseball League, known collectively by the National District Attorneys Association as the Leagues.

“When I was selected to be a liaison between the National District Attorney Association and the National Football and Major League Baseball Leagues, I was both honored and surprised,” shared Bord.

He said he was surprised because West Virginia does not have a professional team in either league.

Bord will assist the Leagues with investigations of criminal matters, helping to identify false and frivolous claims before any damages result.

The goal of the partnership is to assist the Leagues when claims are made, helping to determine if legally and lawfully the claim has any merit. In doing so, the liaison will provide legal aide to the Leagues and afford them the ability to access information they might have otherwise not been able to.

As a liaison, Bord might be called to meet with League representatives and provide police reports, 911 calls, photos or other evidence pertaining to a case.

Liaisons are also asked to notify the Leagues when matters are complete, so that they may file the requests to obtain public records, which are used in making decisions regarding disciplinary actions.

Bord, who will proudly serve in the position said he is excited to assist whenever called upon.

“I am part of a select group of prosecutors and district attorneys across the nation, who will assist both leagues on criminal matters. I’m ready to help when and if they need me,” Bord imparted.

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