Taylor County Little League receives approval to play

TAYLOR COUNTY—After weeks of uncertainty during the current pandemic, a sigh of relief was breathed by many as the Taylor County Little League (TCLL) received approval to begin practicing for the 2020 season.

According to TCLL President Tim Hussion, the process began when his committee developed what he called a “startup plan,” which was first shared by the Shinnston Little League and then adapted to fit Taylor County’s needs. It was then submitted to the Taylor County Health Department for review, and ultimately approved upon the TCLL meeting certain stipulations.

“Among other things, we were instructed to conduct temperature checks, which the governor wants anyways,” said Hussion. “We added that, and then it was approved by the board last Tuesday. At that point, it became scramble mode. We had to get thermometers, cleaning supplies and have a TCLL board meeting. We had a similar meeting with the coaches explaining all the guidelines, because we knew we had to get this thing right. We were going to be one of the first sports to start back up, so all eyes would be on us. We are kind of the guinea pigs.”

At that point, Hussion said that they drew up a waiver which contained verbiage about COVID-19, got practice and game schedules finalized and started contacting sponsors.

“We have a tentative schedule right now,” explained Hussion. “We’re not interleaguing (with other counties), because we want to make sure we’re doing it right, and just because we are, they might not be. Some leagues are even waiting to play, which is fine. We have pretty much the same sponsors as last season, with one new one. And as of right now, we’re looking at two weeks of practice and then the first games would be the week of June 22.”

He also added that other districts have reached out to WVU Health Sciences Vice President and Executive Dean Clay Marsh about the proper protocol regarding parent and spectator temperature taking before practices and games.

Marsh stated that is absolutely acceptable for fans to self-police themselves regarding the matter, and they need to hold themselves accountable if they feel they are a risk.

“If you are sick or have a temperature of 100.4 or higher (per CDC guidelines), you need to stay home.

It’s as simple as that,” Hussion voiced.

He said that regardless of the restrictions, turnout has been excellent.

After taking a quick look at the numbers, Hussion estimates that there are about 35-40 kids in the A Division (10/11/12-year olds), with each of the four teams having anywhere from eight to ten kids on average.

There are around 30 players in the B Division, which is made up of three teams of nine and ten-year-olds. There is also the C-Ball Division, which are the six, seven, and eight-year olds and is managed by Julie Dowdy.

Hussion also made the announcement that Tee-ball has been canceled for this season.

For questions or concerns about the Taylor County Little League, or to find out more information, please visit the league’s Facebook page.


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