Taylor County GOP hosts gubernatorial candidate Woody Thrasher

GRAFTON— The Taylor County Republican Executive Committee hosted its regular meeting on Monday, September 2 and heard from candidate for governor Woody Thrasher.

“Our committee is extremely appreciative of gubernatorial candidate Woody Thrasher coming and sharing his views of the finer points of the Republican Party platform that will ensure we have a prosperous West Virginia,” Jay Taylor, the Taylor County Republican Executive Committee Chairman said.

Kellen Lambert presented Thrasher with a plaque during the meeting as a special recognition for his purchase of her lamb during the Taylor County Fair in August.

The committee, which meets on the first Monday of the month, also plans to host Thrasher as its keynote speaker for its November 2 Reagan/Trump Dinner at the Mother’s Day Shrine.

“It is always appreciated when a candidate takes the time to come and allow dialogue and answer questions,” said House Majority Leader Amy Summers, R-Taylor, who also participated in the meeting.

Thrasher, who announced his candidacy in April, has been traveling the state and meeting with several Republican executive committees to introduce himself and field questions.

“I built my business by traveling to every small community throughout the state and doing infrastructure projects, and I’m running for governor because 36 years later, I can only name a few of those towns that are doing better than when I first visited them,” Thrasher said. “I think West Virginia needs a governor with an honorable reputation we can be proud of, and who will come to work every day with a plan to lead us forward that is solely focused on putting our state’s long-term best interests first.”

Thrasher started The Thrasher Group as an engineering firm with his father in 1983 and has grown it to a business that employs 700 people with 11 offices in seven states.

He also created the White Oaks business park development in Harrison County, which has seen roughly $400 million in investments in the past 10 year, and about 3,000 people go to work at the development.

Thrasher served as West Virginia’s Commerce Secretary from December 2016-June 2018, and has served in leadership positions for numerous state, local and regional organizations, including chairman of the West Virginia University Alumni Association.“

Taylor County GOP invites fellow Republicans to their monthly meetings on the first Monday of the month where they discuss current political events and help recruit candidates for future elections.

They have an active Facebook page and also are in the process of organizing their annual Trump/Reagan dinner where they will award their two ongoing raffles. One being a 22 pistol and the other a Pampered Chef gift basket.

Tickets are available from any committee member.


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