Taylor County Courthouse to resume operations

TAYLOR COUNTY—For months, residents have been hunkering down and heeding the word of health officials and maintaining social distancing guidelines, and now, because of the diligent efforts of residents, the number of positive Coronavirus cases has slowed, and businesses are once again reopening.
Many residents were left wondering how to go about normal transaction carried out within the Taylor County Courthouse after its closure, but they will not have to wonder any longer, as the building will soon be reopening their doors.
According to Patricia Henderson, administrative support staff for the Taylor County Commission, it was decided during their last meeting, that the courthouse would be opened to resume business operations beginning on Friday, May 15, at 8:30 a.m.
“We are excited to get back to work, however, a notice will be posted on the door asking the public to continue doing business via phone, mail or internet when possible, in order to maintain social distancing,” she revealed.
The notice states that due to the continued concerns the Taylor County Commission is strongly encouraging all citizens who are able to carry out their business remotely to do so to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.
They suggest first calling the office in which your business is to be conducted to see if there are alternate ways to convey information and carry out the transactions. A list of phone numbers may be found on the notice.
Additionally, those who are seeking to pay fines or any fees that have a defined due date are asked to mail their check or money order to the courthouse in ample amount of time.
For those residents who are seeking information concerning the upcoming election, or those wishing to register to vote, they are urged to visit the Secretary of State’s website at sos.wv.gov, or the Secretary of State’s Election Website, GoVoteWV.com.
For any matters that need to be dealt with in person, the courthouse will be resuming their regular hours of operation, Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
To help ensure the health and safety of those working at and visiting the facility, the custodial staff will be in full operation, working to clean and sanitize the building.
“They will continue to sanitize the facility and to hand out sanitation supplies,” Henderson reported. “Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the courthouse and annex, and we do currently have stocked gloves, masks and sanitation spray for surfaces.”
The Taylor County Commission would like to hear of any thoughts, suggestions or concerns that residents might have, as they work to navigate through the remainder of the pandemic.
The commission can be reached via Henderson by phone at 304-265-5450.



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