Taylor County 4-H Air Rifle Team finishes another great year

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Taylor County 4-H Air Rifle Team has rounded out another year of fun and learning.

Special recognition goes to Olivia Shaver and Justin Curry, who participated in the Wayne County 4-H Invitational, the WV 4-H Air Rifle Competition, and the Taylor County 4-H Air Rifle Competition.

Their State team, which also included Kristi Daetwyler, competed in the three shooting positions of standing, kneeling, and prone and scored a total of 1,010 points.

Olivia and Justin, both Senior competitors, also improved on their scores from the Wayne Invitational three weeks before.

James Culp, John Culp, Jake Curry, and Emily Himes joined them in the Junior Category at the Wayne Invitational. All four, along with Mattie Shaver, also competed at the Taylor County Competition on April 1st where everyone performed well, despite having to use the pump action rifles with which they are less familiar.

The following awards were given in the Novice, Junior, and Senior categories: Emily Himes – Sharpshooter and Most Improved, Novice; James Culp – Sharpshooter, John Culp – Most Improved, Junior; and Olivia Shaver – Sharpshooter, Justin Curry – Most Improved,Senior.

A big thank you to instructors Lauri Daetwyler and Dave Shaver, who have supported all team members throughout the year and helped them reach their highest potential.

The Taylor County 4-H Air Rifle Program will start back up in the Fall with new equipment thanks to a $6,800 grant from the National Rifle Association.