Taylor Co. home to premier racing family

GRAFTON— Most residents of Taylor County are completely unaware that there is a robust and strong racing community right here in Taylor County. 

The Green Family of Taylor County have positioned themselves as a premier racing family on the North Central West Virginia (NCWV) racing circuit. The family consists of Brad Green the father and Kendra Green the mother, along with James Holmes their son and Jaelee Green their daughter. 

Brad comes from a long line of racers as his father and brother raced late model cars and encouraged Brad to enter the world of racing. Brad has now passed that love of racing on to his children in the form of competitive go-cart racing.  

James was the first to enter the foray of racing as he and Brad worked tirelessly to build him a car capable of competing. 

“James really showed a lot of interest immediately, he liked being around the cars and the thought of going fast.” Brad voiced. “Once he was in the car, he thought it was going to be easy. Most people don’t realize that there is a steep learning curve to racing and it takes a while to develop the instincts that comes with the responsibility of racing. It also takes some time to learn how the car reacts to certain situations and then relay that information back to the pit crew. James is just now really starting to be able to tell us what the car is doing which is a big step forward.” 

Brad further elaborated that James is boasting a record of four heat wins, three third place finishes and two runner up finishes. That first-place trophy has remained elusive for now, but the Greens are confident that he will soon find himself in the winner’s circle. 

Watching her big brother race lit a fire in the youngest of the Greens, Jaelee. 

She has just started to find her way with a new car, and she is starting to test herself as she is finding her footing as a racer. 

“Jaelee is showing a lot of promise. This is her first season, and she is so eager to race every weekend,” Kendra stated. 

“People don’t understand how much it takes for the kids to race. It is scary and loud and very intimidating for a small child at first. James was involved in his first crash this season and as a mother it is scary, but he was up and ready to go as soon as his car was fixed. We work on these cars as a family but Brad does most of the work and we are super proud of what the kids and Brad do each weekend so they can keep racing and doing what they love,” she added. 

You can catch the Green family in action every Friday night at Mitchell Kerns Raceway in Anmoor, WV and at the Elkins Raceway on Saturday nights during the racing season.

 They also want to thank their sponsors, Freeland Trucking, Ace High Fabrication, Cafh Racing Engines, Jennings Excavating, Hutson Industries and Wood Warsh, for all the help and support.


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